How to Fast Travel in Blasphemous

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Blasphemous tasks you with exploring a number of areas to fight bosses, find enemies, and advance the main storyline. While exploring you will often reach areas far from the main hub. To get back to the hub of Albero you have a few options with one being fast travel. To learn more about this travel option use our how to fast travel in Blasphemous guide below.

Method 1: Use Portals to Fast Travel

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This method has existed since the game first launched. Basically in certain locations you will encounter rooms with portals in them. When these portals are used you are able to fast travel to other portals. The locations of the portals are:

  • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.
  • Albero.
  • Mercy Dreams.
  • Ferrous Tree.
  • Library of the Negated Words.
  • Archcathedral Rooftops.

These main locations allow you to pretty much access every area of the game, but you will need to traverse long section to reach them. This caused a number of complaints which led the developers to implement a new fast travel method in The Stir of Dawn DLC/Update.

Method 2: Unlock Shrine Fast Travel

Image showing the tithe box in the church in Albero in Blasphemous.

To make fast travel more convenient players are able to unlock fast travel to shrines by donating money to the church in Albero. The donation box inside can be given a Tithe. This basically means you dump money into the box to get bonuses in return. I dumped 50k in to see what happened. This unlocked a number of things from the church including fast travel which I learned unlocks at 20k donated.

Image showing how to fast travel using a shrine in Blasphemous.

To fast travel from shrine to shrine head to a shrine and rest at it. When resting at a shrine you will see the Teleport option when it is unlocked. This option allows you to teleport to shrines you’ve unlocked in the various areas of the game.

That’s all you need to know on how to fast travel in Blasphemous. This new addition to the game greatly improves the travel time previously required when backtracking to various areas on the map. Spend the money it is well worth the unlock.

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