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It has been 22 long years since the original Pokemon Snap launched on N64. At the time the title was a marked departure from the battle centric titles that had previously been released. Instead of PokeBalls the player donned a camera to capture photos of wild Pokemon in their natural habitats. There is now a follow up to the og Pokemon Snap called New Pokemon Snap that features a slew of new Pokemon to snap photos of. To help you on your journey we’ve thrown together this New Pokemon Snap guide. In this guide you will find a collection of links to various guides we’ve written for the game. Check them out below.

Guide Status: Updating.

New Pokemon Snap Tips & Tricks Guides

Image showing the research camera in New Pokemon Snap.

This section of the guide features a variety of tips & tricks we’ve learned while playing through the title. These tips & tricks will help you learn the ins and out of the various gameplay systems in the game. There are a number of guides in this section so be sure to check them out if they interest you.

New Pokemon Snap Main Story Walkthrough

New Pokemon Snap is a very laidback and chill game you can playthrough at you own pace. This means you are free to really enjoy the experience as much as possible on your own time. With that said there is a central storyline running through the game that you can beat. The guides below will help you do just that.

  • Florio Nature Park (Day).

LenTalk Requests Guides

Image showing a LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap.

During the main expeditions players can undertake in New Pokemon Snap there are requests to complete for rewards. These requests come from the LenTalk system and usually require catching a particular pokemon or moment on film. The guides below will help you complete the different request in the game.

Florio Nature Park (Day) Requests

Florio Nature Park (Night) Requests

Miscellaneous Guides and Resources

If the sections above don’t feature guides that may help you this section might. The links below are general resources that will be helpful to you as you playthrough the game. These sources are a mix of on site pages and off site pages. Everything listed I’ve found helpful.

  • Coming soon.

That completes our New Pokemon Snap guide and walkthrough. The above listed guides will help you make your way through this rather chill title from Nintendo. Feel free to drop comments below about the collection of guides above. Thanks for reading.

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