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The Shocking Well-Done objective is a special LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap you can unlock from Professor Mirror during the Florio Nature Park expedition. This request tasks you with finding out which Pokemon is scorching fruit along the pathway. To help you complete this request and unlock the reward use our Shockingly Well-Done guide below.

How to Complete the Shockingly Well-Done LenTalk Request

Image showing the Shockingly Well-Done request.

One of the first requests you will stumble upon while playing New Pokemon Snap is called Shockingly Well-Done. This request can be acquired by scanning the burnt fruit along the path in the Florio Nature Park expedition. Once you’ve scanned the fruit Professor Mirror will ask you to catch the culprit on film. This can be done fairly easily.

Image showing the Shockingly Well-Done photo.

To catch the culprit start up a two star park day expedition. During this expedition when you are at the burnt fruit pile throw a fluffruit. Wait for a Emolga to land next to the fruit. Continue waiting until it approaches the fruit. At this point it will shoot out electricity at the fluffruit which chars it. The Emolga will then eat the fruit. Snap a picture during the electricity sequence then complete the expedition. Show the picture to Professor Mirror to complete the request. Go into your LenTalk to receive your reward of a Shockingly Well-Done Effect 4 sticker.

For more help completing LenTalk requests and other aspects of the game check out our New Pokemon Snap guide hub. On this page you will find a collection of all of the guide we’ve put together for this game.

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