How to Quick Turn Camera in New Pokemon Snap

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The New Pokemon Snap title places players on on rails rides through a variety of expeditions. While players are riding the rides they must snap pictures to earn themselves points. These picture opportunities can come from a variety of angles and speeds which makes controlling the camera very important. If you are wondering if you can quickly turn to face different directions in-game I have an answer for you. Continue reading below to learn how to quick turn camera in New Pokemon Snap.

Button to Quick Turn Research Camera

To answer the question I left hanging in the opening of this post, yes there is a quick turn option in the game. This control option allows you to quickly turn 90 and 180 degrees with the press of a button. The only thing to note is what direction you are facing as this determines where you will quick turn to. To quick turn use the D-pad the following ways:

  • Up: Return to front facing.
  • Down Quickly look behind.
  • Right/Left: Turn you 90 degrees in that direction.

One imporatnat thing to note is that you cannot quick turn while using zoom. If you set the controls for zoom as a toggle you will need to ensure you are not fully zoomed in when you want to quick turn. Besides that simply press the d-pad in the directions listed above to get turning.

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