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A Terrific Yawn is a LenTalk request players receive from Rita in New Pokemon Snap. This LenTalk is available to players once they unlock the Florio Nature Park (Night) Expedition. To snap a picture of the yawning Torterra we’ve put together this brief guide. Use our A Terrific Yawn guide below to complete this request for Rita.

How to Complete A Terrific Yawn LenTalk Request

Image showing How to Complete A Terrific Yawn LenTalk Request in New Pokemon Snap.

Start a one star Florio Nature Park (Night) Expedition and travel along the path until you reach the haflway mark where there is water on along the right of the path. In this section you will see a row of sleeping Torterra. Shoot a piece of fruit at any of the sleeping Torterra to wake them up momentarily. Zoom in on its face and wait for it to start to yawn. Snap a picture like the one shown above.

Once you have a picture of the Torterra yawning complete the expedition and return to the lab. Present the yawning Torterra picture to Professor Mirror to complete the request. This is just one of many request in the game you can complete. Learn how to complete all available LenTalk request in our New Pokemon Snap guide and walkthrough.

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