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As you advance through the main story of New Pokemon Snap you will receive a new item called Illumina Orbs. These throwables are an important addition to the game that allows players to trigger special interactions during normal expeditions. These throwable items allow you to unlock even more interesting interactions among Pokemon. To learn more about these items read our Illumina Orbs guide below.

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs

You will unlock Illumina Orbs by naturally progressing through the game’s main story. Upon completion of the Founja Jungle (Night) expedition during which you photograph a Crystalbloom you will receive this item from Professor Mirror back at the lab. The Professor gives you two Illumina Orb types to start:

  • Blue: Useable on Florio island only.
  • Yellow: Useable on Belusylva island only.

Once you have this tossable item you will probably want to know what you can do with it. The next section of the guide will highlight how to use this item to trigger new encounters during expeditions.

What to Do with Illumina Orbs

Image showing What to Do with Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap.

Once you have this item unlocked you can throw them while you are out on an expedition by pressing Y. The orbs work much like the fruit you can toss but with a slight twist. To trigger events to occur you will need to toss the orbs onto same color Crystalblooms you find in as you pass through different areas.

When used successfully you will find new encounters across the different expeditions in the game. These encounters typically involve illuminated Pokemon like the Pinsir shown above. Be sure to snap a photo of the events you trigger so they will gain the points from them.

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