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Hard-Won Happiness is a LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap players get from Rita. This request tasks players with striking up a friendship with Pidgeot during the Florio Nature Park (Night) expedition. To strike up this friendship you need to feed it fluffruit at certain points of the ride. To help you complete this request use our Hard-Won Happiness guide below.

How to Complete the Hard-Won Happiness LenTalk Request

To start begin a two star Florio Nature Park (Night) Expedition When you start the expedition travel along the path forward and look to your right to see Pidgeot standing among the Bouffalant. Shoot a piece of fruit near where the Pidgeot is standing to get it to eat it. Continue forward to the lake area.

In the lake area the Pidgeot will appear along the left of the path. Repeat the process we used above. Shoot a piece of fruit over to the Pokemon to get it to eat it. Once you’ve done this continue forward to the flower meadow area.

At the flower meadow area of the expedition Pidgeot will appear a third and final time. This time Pidgeot will land on the path and will come right up to you. Snap a picture when it is close to you and feeling happy (see screenshot above). This picture will complete the request. Take it and show it to Professor Mirror to complete the request for Rita. For more help with side request in New Pokemon Snap or other parts of the game see our guide and walkthrough hub.

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