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In the New Pokémon Snap game there are a number of islands players can visit. On each of these islands here are different expeditions players can complete which are basically the game’s levels. Each expedition contains different Pokémon to find and photograph. To complete the main story of the game you will need to playthrough 95% of the expeditions in the game. If you are wondering how many there are exactly consult the New Pokémon Snap courses list below.

How Many Levels in New Pokémon Snap?

There are a number of expeditions for players to undertake in New Pokémon Snap. These courses are short rides across various parts of the game’s islands. While you are on these rides you will be tasked with taking pictures of the different Pokémon you encounter. You will visit most of the courses listed below during the main story, but some are completely optional. The full list of courses you will find in the game are:

Florio Island

  • Research Camp.
  • Florio Nature Park (Day).
  • Florio Nature Park (Night).
  • Illumina Spot – Florio Nature Park.

Belusylva Island

  • Founja Jungle (Day).
  • Founja Jungle (Night).
  • Elsewhere Forest.
  • llumina Spot – Elsewhere Forest.

Maricopia Island

  • Blushing Beach (Day).
  • Blushing Beach (Night).
  • Maricopia Reef (Day).
  • Maricopia Reef (Night).
  • Lental Seafloor.
  • Illumina Spot – Lental Seafloor.

Voluca Island

  • Sweltering Sands (Day).
  • Sweltering Sands (Night).
  • Firelfow Volcano.
  • Illumina Spot – Fireflow Volcano.

Durice Island

  • Shiver Snowfields (Day).
  • Shiver Snowfields (Night).
  • Outway Cave.
  • Illumina Spot – Outway Cave.


  • Ruin of Remembrance.
  • Illumina Spot – Ruin of Remembrance.

Clearing all of the above content varies in time. If you simply mainline the main story you can clear the game in roughly 10 hours. If you go completionist that number jumps to mid 20s-30s hours range.

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