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When you first start New Pokemon Snap you are thrown right into the fire as it were. The game basically starts immediately with you creating your character and selecting a few options. This opening has to be completed for you to get to the meat of the game. To help you make your way through the game’s start use our New Pokemon Snap Tutorial guide below.

Select Language, Character Voices, Character Look and Name then Receive Camera

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Right of the bat you will need to set a number of options when you start the game. These options cannot be changed without starting a new game so keep that in mind. The options you need to select are standard fare:

  • Language.
  • Character Voice Language.
  • Character Look.
  • Name.

Once you’ve selected the options you want the game will play a brief cutscene where you walk forward to meet Professor Mirror and Rita at the Laboratory of Ecology and Natural Sciences (L.E.N.S). Complete the conversation by hitting A when prompted so you step into the lab. Here you receive the research camera the main tool of the game. You will then head outside to learn how to use the camera.

Learn How to Use the Research Camera

Image showing Pikachu in New Pokemon Snap.

Rita gives you a brief rundown on how to use the research camera. Basically all you need to do is take a picture of the Pokemon that she mentions. You will do this by using the camera a specific way each time:

  1. Press A to take a picture of Vivillon.
  2. Move camera around with R-Stick then take picture of Pikachu that appears.
  3. Zoom in on Pikachu using ZL and take another picture.

Upon snapping these three pictures you will head back into the lab to speak Professor Mirror. You will do a brief rundown of the evaluation system that occurs after each expedition. Follow the prompts to present the pictures to the Professor. Show two pictures to the Professor to have him rate them. He ranks the photos on the following criteria:

  • Pose.
  • Size.
  • Direction.
  • Placement.
  • Other Pokemon.
  • Background.

You will receive your rankings from the Professor then will learn about photography expeditions. These expeditions are carried out in the NEO-ONE, a small autonomous vehicle that follows set paths through various locations.

Once you learn about the vehicle you will be teleported to the first expedition site which is called Florio Nature Park. This is the first expedition you will complete in the game. For more details on this expedition see our Florio Nature Park guide or check out our hub for more help.

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