How to Use the Research Camera in New Pokemon Snap

One of the most important pieces of equipment you receive in New Pokemon Snap is the research camera. You receive this item in the game’s opening tutorial. Using this item you are able to snap pictures of the various pokemon in the game. To help you learn more about this piece of equipment see how to use the research camera in New Pokemon Snap below.

Research Camera Controls in New Pokemon Snap

Image showing the standard Research Camera Controls in New Pokemon Snap.

You receive the research camera pretty much as soon as you start the game in New Pokemon Snap. This item is given to you by Professor Mirror in the L.E.N.S. lab building. Once you receive this piece of equipment you will step outside with Rita who will tell you about using the camera. This sequence lays out the rather standard controls with more unlocked later:

  • A to take a picture.
  • R-Stick to move camera or using motion controls.
  • Hold ZL to zoom in.

To pass this sequence you need to ensure you take two pictures: one of Vivillon and one of Pikachu. Once these two pictures are snapped you will head back inside to have your photos evaluated. There are more controls unlocked as you progress the story.

Unlocked Later

  • X to scan (unlocked after first expedition).
  • Press B to throw fluffruit (unlocked after first Illumina Spot).
  • Press Y to throw Illumina Orbs (unlocked by progressing story).
  • R plays Melody that Pokémon can dance to.

How to Change Research Camera Controls

Image showing how to change the research camera settings in New Pokemon Snap.

The basic research camera controls are fairly straightforward, but you may wish to tweak them slightly if you don’t want there to be motion controls. This can be done easily through a couple of methods. The first method is to open the game’s setting (when you are in your camp). This allows you to change a number of options to make using the camera easier or different. The second option is similar to the first but is opened during an expedition. Some things I recommend changing are:

  • Camera Speed.
  • Pointer Speed.
  • Zoom Mode.

You don’t have to change these options, but know they are there and can make things a bit easier if you are having trouble. Play around with the settings to find the optimal ones for you to get the best pictures possible. See more guides like this in our New Pokemon Snap hub.

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