Three Friends among Flowers Guide – New Pokemon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap Rita will give you a special LenTalk request called Three Friends among Flowers. This request tasks you with capturing a photo of three Pokemon in the Florio Nature Park (Day) expedition. Getting these three Pokemon to interact is a bit complicated so this guide will help. Consult the Three Friends among Flowers guide below for more details on how to complete this request.

How to Complete Three Friends among Flowers LenTalk Request

Image showing where the Pichu is hiding in the flower patch.

Head into a three star Florio Nature Park (Day) expedition and make your way to the flower patch area at the very end. In this area you need to trigger a special interaction between Grookey, Scorbunny, and Pichu. To get this interaction to trigger you need to force Pichu out of hiding. Pichu can be found in the bush highlighted above. Shoot a fruit at the Pokemon to trigger the interaction.

Image showing the laughing Scorbunny in New Pokemon Snap.

This interaction involves the three running around the flower patch before reaching a Crystalbloom. The three will interact with each other around this special plant. During this interaction the Scorbunny will rolf. Literally. It will roll on the grass laughing. Snap a picture when it does this to fulfill the request.

Complete the expedition and head back to the lab. Show the photo to Professor Mirror. Once the photo has been shown you will complete the request. There is now reward for completing it. For more help with request see our New Pokemon Snap guide hub.

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