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Livening Up the Flowers is a special LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap that players can complete to earn a special reward. This request is given to players by Professor Mirror to capture a Florges gathering natural power from its surroundings. Getting this photo is fairly simple. Use our Livening Up the Flowers guide below to complete this request easily.

How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers LenTalk Request

Image showing How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers LenTalk Request.

Once you unlock the three star expedition for the Florio Nature Park (Day) you will gain access to this request. Completing this request is fairly easy. All you need to do is head to the very end of the three star Florio Nature Park (Day) tour. In the final area with all of the flowers focus your attention on the Florge. Wait for the Florge to start to gather natural power. This is denoted by a green light around it (as shown in the photo above). While this green light is surrounding the Pokemon snap a picture of it.

Take your photo and finish the expedition. Show the photo of the Florges surrounded by green light to Professor Mirror. This photo of Florges gathering the natural power will complete the request. Head to your camp and access the LenTalk requests. Open the Livening Up the Flowers request to claim your reward.

For more help completing requests in New Pokemon Snap check out our full guide here. On this page you will find a wide-range of guide we’ve written for this title.

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