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Munching Murkrow is a special LenTalk request from Professor Mirror players can complete in New Pokemon Snap. This request tasks players with catching a picture of a Murkrow while it eats a fruit. Completing this request for the Professor is fairly easy to do. With that said, if you do run into issues this Munching Murkrow guide should make things clearer for you.

How to Complete Munching Murkrow LenTalk Request

Once you have this request available to you start up a Florio Nature Park (Night) two star expedition and head along the trail until you see Murkrow on your right. Throw a piece of fruit towards one of them and wait for them to approach and eat it. While the Murkrow is munching on the fruit snap a picture of it.

If you miss the Murkrow in the starting area you don’t need to restart. Instead continue forward until you reach the section where you cross the damn. On the banks near the sleeping Grookey and Sylveon you should see two Murkrow. Toss a fruit to them and snap a picture if needed.

Upon getting a picture of an eating Murkrow finish or quit the expedition. Head back to the lab and show the picture you took to Professor Mirror. This will complete the LenTalk request. There is no bonus reward for doing this request. For more guides check out our New Pokemon Snap guide and walkthrough wiki.

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