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Flopping by the Water is a LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap that players can complete for Rita. This request tasks you with capturing a photo of a Pidgeot catching a Magikarp. Completing this photo request is somewhat difficult to do as there are a couple of steps to setup the event. To help you complete the request use the Flopping by the Water guide below.

How to Complete the Flopping by the Water LenTalk Request

Image showing How to Complete the Flopping by the Water LenTalk Request.
Launch a fluffruit when you see the Pidgeot here.

To start head out on a three star Florio Nature Park (Day) expedition. In the middle of this expedition you reach a water section where there is a Pidgeot on the path. This Pidgeot will fly up to the cliff on your left. When the Pidgeot is on your left you want to launch a fluffruit at it so it stays in the area. When you hit the Pidgeot it will fly over to the large tree overlooking the Magikarp.

At this point you want to launch a fluffruit at the Magikarp so it will jump into the air. This will trigger the Pidgeot to fly off of the tree, around the area, then down to the Magikarp. Be ready to snap a picture at this point. You want to snag somehting like what you see above. This picture will complete the request.

Complete the expedition once you have the picture and show it to Professor Mirror. When the request is done head to your camp and open the LenTalk. Open the Flopping by the Water request to receive a special sticker rewards called Eye 7. For more help with these request and other parts of the game see our New Pokemon Snap guide hub.

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