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Swanna-Be is a special LenTalk request players can complete in New Pokemon Snap for Rita. This special request tasks players with capturing the rare flight of a Ducklett. Getting this picture can be a bit of a pain so we’ve thrown together a short guide for you. Use our Swanna-Be guide below to complete this request for Rita.

How to Complete the Swanna-Be LenTalk Request

Image showing the Swanna-Be photo you need to take in New Pokemon Snap.

Upon reaching level three research in the Florio Nature Park (Day) expedition you will unlock this request. To complete this request you need to capture a moment for flight from a Ducklett. To do this make your way to the water portion in the middle of a three star Florio Nature Park Request (Day) expedition. As soon as you enter this area look to the skies on your right for a single Ducklett that is flying around. This Ducklett will come flying down along the path for you to snap a picture of (as seen above). Take a picture then complete the expedition. Make sure you look to the right immediately as the Pokemon is very fast. It can be hard to see it and easy to lose it if you don’t look right away.

Once you are back at the lab present the photo to Professor Mirror. This photo will complete the Swanna-Be request. Once you’ve completed the request head to your camp and open up the LenTalk to find the request completed. For more help with other request check out our complete New Pokemon Snap guide.

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