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One of the Florio Nature Park (Night) requests players can complete in New Pokemon Snap is called Asleep on a Calm Night. This LenTalk request tasks players with snapping a picture of a particular Pokemon that sleeps besides Torterra. This Pokemon happens to be a Sylveon. To help you find this pokemon and snap a picture of it use our Asleep on a Calm Night guide below.

How to Complete Asleep on a Calm Night LenTalk Request

When you have this request unlocked make your way into a two star Florio Nature Park (Night) expedition. Follow the trail along until you cross the no completed dam over that takes you across the lake. On the otherside of the lake to your left you will see a group of Torterra sleeping. Next to this group of Pokemon is a Sylveon sleeping also. Zoom in and snap a picture of the sleeping mon (like the one you see above).

Take the picture you snapped and finish or exit out of the expedition. Head to the lab and show the picture of the sleeping Sylveon to Professor Mirror. This will complete the Asleep on a Calm Night request. There is no bonus reward for completing this request. See more guides like this here.

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