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One-Hand Freeze is a special LenTalk request players can complete in New Pokemon Snap to earn a special reward. This request tasks players with catching a photo of Grookey it does something odd. To help you complete this request we’ve put together a quick guide. See the One-Hand Freeze guide below to learn how to complete this request.

How to Complete the One-Hand Freeze LenTalk Request

You receive this request once you’ve unlocked the LenTalk function in your camp. Once this is unlocked you will have a number of requests available to you. One of these requests is called One-Hand Freeze. As mentioned earlier this request tasks you with focusing on Grookey. To complete this request you need to catch it doing something funny.

Start up a Florio Nature Park (Day) expedition and make your way to the middle section where there is the large pond. In section of the leftside of the path there is a Grookey sleeping in a bush. As you pass by the bush the Grookey will wake up. Once it wakes up it will wander around a bit. Keep your camera on the Pokemon until it does a One-Hand Freeze breakdancing move as shown above.

Finish/quit the expedition and give the photo to Professor Mirror to complete the request. This request does have a special reward so return to your camp and open the LenTalk. Claim the Professor Mirror’s Goggles from the request screen. For more help with completing requests check out our New Pokemon Snap walkthrough hub.

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