Off to a Flying Startle Guide – New Pokemon Snap

Off to a Flying Startle is a LenTalk request players can complete for Rita in New Pokemon Snap. This request is one of the earlier ones you receive and it is fairly simple to complete. All you need to do is catch a picture of a Tailow in-flight during the Florio Nature Park expedition. To help you complete this request use our Off to a Flying Startle guide below.

How to Complete the Off to a Flying Startle LenTalk Request

Image showing a flying Tailow in New Pokemon Snap.

Start up a Florio Nature Park (Day) three star mission. Make your way through the expedition until you reach the middle section where you find the water. Head along the path here so you are around the Magikarp area. Look up to the skies while you are traveling along the path here and you will see a trio of Tailow flying around the area. Grab a picture of one in flight to complete this request.

If you miss them at this location you can continue along the path. Just before the flower section there is a Tailow on a sign. Hit it with your fruit to make it fly. Snap a picture if you need it.

Once you have a picture of the Tailow in-flight complete the expedition and return to the lab. Show the Tailow in-flight picture to Professor Mirror to complete this request. There is no reward tied to completing this request, so there’s nothing to claim. For more guides like this one check out our New Pokemon Snap guide collection.

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3 responses

  1. MTNrhyno says:

    I figured it out.
    Don’t take photos or scan when they are startled by the Pidgeot or Dodrio. Wait.

    Look behind you and the three will fly together and pose. That’s the photo they are looking for.

    The only hint is the Startling. You don’t want to startle them

  2. Tugs says:

    I’ve done this OVER A DOZEN TIMES and it won’t complete. My pictures are better than all the videos I watched in multiple locations…wtf

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