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Hoothoot’s Hdden Foot is a request players receive in New Pokemon Snap from Professor Mirror in the LenTalk decive. This request tassk you with capturing a picture featuring Hoothoot showing both of its feet during the Florio Nature Park (Night) expedition. Completing this request is fairly simple. To make things even easier use our Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot guide below.

How to Complete Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot LenTalk Request

Image showing how to complete the Hoothoot's Hidden Foot LenTalk request.

Start a two star Florio Nature Park (Night) expedition and make your way along the path until you reach just before the flower meadow. Along the pathway here you will encounter a Hoothoot that is sitting atop a map sign. When you see this Pokemon aim your fruit and shoot one at it. When the fruit hits the Hoothoot it causes it to reveal its second leg. Snap a picture of the reveal.

Take the photo you grabbed of the Hoothoot and head back to the lab by quitting or finishing the expedition. Back at the lab show the photo to Professor Mirror to complete the request. This request rewards you with the Design 13 frame so be sure to claim it from your LenTalk once you are done. For more guides like this one check out our New Pokemon Snap hub.

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