Kindergarten 2 Guide – All Story Missions and Collectibles

Kindergarten 2 is the follow up title to the twisted, 2017 indie hit Kindergarten. Like the previous game you play through a seemingly normal day of kindergarten that quickly escalates into bloody deaths. While it may seem full of mindless violence there are actually some surprisingly fun and interesting story missions and collectibles to find. To help you complete everything in Kindergarten 2, check out our Kindergarten 2 guide below.

Kindergarten 2 Story Mission Guides

Image showing a complete Kindergarten 2 mission map.
All missions in Kindergarten 2.

There are a total of nine story missions for players to complete in Kindergarten 2. These missions each take place over the course of a single Tuesday. To help you complete all the story missions in the game, consult the guides below. Each link takes you to that specific story mission.

1. A Tale of Two Janitors2. Flowers For Diana3. The Hitman’s Potty Guard
4. Opposites Attract5. If You Can Dodge a Nugget6. Cain’s Not Able
7. Things That Go Boom8. Breaking Sad9. Creature Feature

Upon completion of the final mission, Creature Feature, the credits will roll and you will beat the main storyline. With that said you can simply jump back in and continue playing another day. This allows you to find collectibles you missed in the post game.

Kindergarten 2 Collectibles Guides

Image showing the outfit selection screen in Kindergarten 2.
What outfit to wear today?

There are a couple of classes of collectibles for players to find in Kindergarten 2: Outfits and Monstermon cards. There are a total of 30 Outfits to collect and 50 Monstermon cards. Each of these collectibles can be found while playing through a day in kindergarten. The guides below will help you find them all.

50 Monstermon Cards30 Outfits Guide24 Achievements Guide

That’s all the Kindergarten 2 guides you need to fully 100% the game. Hit any of the links above to go to those respective guides. Otherwise I recommend starting on the game’s first mission, A Tale of Two Janitors.

What did you think of our Kindergarten 2 guide? Let us know in the comments below.


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