Kindergarten 2 Cain’s Not Able Guide

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Kindergarten 2 features a total of nine story missions for players to complete. These missions task you with completing certain actions during a day of kindergarten. To help you complete the sixth mission use our Cain’s Not Able guide below


  • Complete this mission to receive the Treasure Chest Monstermon card.
  • Unlocks Felix’s Strange Chemical key item.
  • Unlocks Cain’s Not Able achievement.
  • Complete to get the Unconfident Red Shirt outfit.
  • Complete with Opposites Attract to unlock mission Breaking Sad.

Leave Bedroom with Key Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. Before leaving your Bedroom you will want to have two items with you: An A+ and the Prestigious Pin. Once you have these two items on your character start the day.

Deliver Document to Ozzy in School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing how to deliver the Document to Ozzy.

Like other missions you need to get the ball rolling on this story mission by completing a number of events in the School Yard. To start the Cain’s Not Able story mission do the following:

  1. Talk to Felix and show him the Prestigious Pin. Felix will give you a Document to give to Ozzy.
  2. Buy Hand Sanitizer from Monty for $2.00.
  3. Give Ozzy the Document after using Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Take Ozzy to Monty and have him read the Document (costs $6.00). Need to get money from Felix to make this work.

After you do the following events the bell will ring. Make sure you go to the Smart Class.

Get the Jar of Spiders from Shelf

Image showing the location of the Jar of Spiders in the Smart Class.

At the start of the Smart Class speak to Felix about Ozzy to get the Contract. Once you’ve done this take the Assessment on the computer. Take the Toilet Paper as your reward. Leave the classroom and go into the Girls Washroom. Plug the toilet with the Toilet Paper then speak to Bob about it. Climb the ladder Bob was previously on to reach the air vent. Grab the Jar of Spiders from the shelf. Once this is done the bell will ring for Lunch.

Get Shovel for Nugget from Janitor’s Closet

Image showing the location of the Shovel in the Janitor's Closet.

In the Cafeteria speak to Felix about the Jar of Spiders. Once this is done talk to Nugget. Nugget will tell you he needs a Shovel and an Arm. For now we will get him the Shovel. Return to Felix and get his Hall Pass. Before leaving talk to Carla to get the Janitor’s Key. Leave the Cafeteria, head through the Hallway, and enter the Boys Washroom. Go into the Janitor’s Closet and grab the Shovel. The bell will ring for Recess.

Get Arm for Nugget from Hall Monitor

Image showing where to get the Arm for Nugget.

Once on the Playground speak with Felix about a potential target for the Arm. After you’ve spoken with Felix head up to the Dumpster Area through the wooden gate. Approach the dumpster and bang on it to make Agnes appear. Give Agnes your Burger for a Passbook. Return to Felix and speak with him to start the plan. Monty will go into the Cafeteria, follow him inside. He will be wise to your plan and will blow the arm off the hall monitor. Pick up the Arm and the bell will ring for Gym Class.

Delivering Ted to An Early Grave

Image showing the final resting place of poor Teddy.

In Gym Class give Nugget the Arm. Once this is done side with Carla over the Basketball. This causes Jerome and teacher to leave. Follow them to the Classroom beside the Boys Washroom. Go inside the Classroom and grab the Stick from Jerome’s body (you will unlock the Athletic Tank Top outfit). Take the Stick to the Playground. Give Felix the Stick then watch the action. Drop the Spiders into the hole to complete the mission.

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