Kindergarten 2 Opposites Attract Guide

There are nine story missions for players to complete in Kindergarten 2. These story missions task players with completing certain actions to reach different endings. To help you complete mission four, check out our Opposites Attract guide below.


  • Complete this mission to receive the Killer Eye Monstermon card.
  • Unlocks Penny’s Laser Beam key item.
  • Unlocks Opposites Attract achievement.
  • Beat to get the Robo Dress Outfit.
  • Complete with If You Can Dodge a Nugget to unlock mission Things That Go Boom.

Leave Bedroom with Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. Before leaving your Bedroom you will want to have two items with you: Bob’s Toolbelt and the A+ Card. Once you have these two items on your character start the day.

School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the sequence of events in the School Yard for the Opposites Attract mission.

In the School Yard entry area you are going to need to complete a number of things. The things you need to complete to start this mission are as follows:

  1. Talk to Carla about smuggling in Contraband to get the Firecracker.
  2. Talk to Penny and she will confiscate the Firecracker from you.
  3. Next speak to Buggs to have him join up with you.
  4. Return to Penny and befriend her to get the Friendship Bracelet.
  5. Show the Friendship Bracelet to Buggs.
  6. Speak to Principal to get the Lunch Pass.

After completing the steps above the bell will sound and first period will start. Be sure to select Smart Class. This will move you to the Classroom.

Being Smart in Science Class

In Science Class you will be prompted to take an assessment. Before doing this speak to Penny. Penny will tell you about a Doll hidden in the toy chest in the other classroom. We need to get it back. Before we do that let’s bang out that assessment. Simply access the computer and then select the Spray Bottle or Toilet Paper as your reward (what you choose impacts your options in getting the Doll from Cindy). Leave the classroom after completing your assessment and make your way to the floor below.

Getting the Doll from Dumb Class

Image showing the clogged toilet in the Boys Washroom.

If you took Toilet Paper as your reward, detour to the Boys Washroom and clog the toilet with the Toilet Paper before heading into the dumb class. Playthrough house with Cindy and the old janitor won’t come and kill you. You will receive the Doll as your reward.

Image showing spraying Cindy in the face.

If you took the Spray Bottle as your reward you can head directly to the dumb class. Inside start playing house with Cindy then use it to spray her in the face. Spray her in the face again and take the Doll from her.

Regardless of what you choose to do, get the Doll from Cindy and you will get kicked out of dumb class. Return the doll to Cindy to get the Floppy Disk. If needed use an Apple to advance time to Lunch.

Leave the Cafeteria

Image of the Cafeteria during the Opposites Attract mission.

Inside the Cafeteria Buggs will talk to you. Show him the Floppy Disk. He wants you to access the Principal’s Office and use here computer to read what’s on the disk. To do this simply leave the Cafeteria using your Lunch Pass to see the Principal. This will put you in the Principal’s Office.

Printing in Principal’s Office

Image showing the inside of the Principal's Office.

In the Principal’s Office you will view a brief cutscene which results in the Principal leaving. Insert the Floppy Disk into her computer then interact with the Printer to get a sheet of printed information. Unlock the back door and the Principal will appear. Return to lunch. In the Cafeteria speak to Buggs to get the walkie-talkie. The bell will sound for Recess.

Magnetizing Science Class

Image showing how to magnetize Science Class.

Speak to Monty when you are in the Playground. Exhaust his dialogue then make your way up to the Dumpster Area (through the wooden gate). Go into the Principal’s Office through the door to the right of the dumpster. Head through the office and go into the Girls Washroom. Use Bob’s Toolbelt on the vent on the right wall in the Girls Washroom and go through it into Science Class. Interact with the book on the far side of Science Class and change the lesson to magnets. Return to the Playground and use your last apple. Go to Science Class for $3.00.

Ending Robot Penny

Image showing the end of Robot Penny.

When Science Class starts leave the room by telling the teacher you are going to look for the Gear. In the Hallway you will run into Carla and Buggs. They are trying to open Penny’s locker but you will need to keep her busy. Return to class and grab the Doll from under the table opposite of Penny. Penny will freak out so give the Doll to her to settle down. Return to Carla and Buggs to get the Gear. Go back inside the Science Class and give the Gear to the teacher. Sit back and watch the madness unfold.

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