Kindergarten 2 Things That Go Boom Guide

Kindergarten 2 has a total of nine story missions for players to complete. These missions require completing certain steps throughout the school day to reach a story conclusion. To complete the seventh mission use our Things That Go Boom guide below.


  • Complete this mission to receive the Ofaka Tornado Monstermon card.
  • Unlocks Carla’s Laser Bomb key item.
  • Unlocks Things That Go Boom achievement.
  • Complete with Breaking Sad to unlock final mission Creature Feature.

Leave Bedroom with Key Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. Before leaving your Bedroom you will want to have three items with you: An A+, Penny’s Laser Beam, and the Monstermon Plushie. Once you have all three of these items on your character start the day.

Access Secret Entrance in School Yard (Entry Area)

To start the Things Go Boom story mission you will need to get the ball rolling in the School Yard area. The following events need to be completed:

  1. Speak with Carla and give her Penny’s Laser Beam. She will let you in on her plan and task you with getting a Tissue.
  2. Talk to Cindy about being together. Spend an Apple on the Ouch selection to receive a Tissue.
  3. Give the Tissue to Jerome. Tell him No when asked why we are at this school. He will befriend you and ask you to get a tip from Nugget.
  4. Update Carla on the situation to receive the Screwdriver. She will distracte Bob for you.
  5. Use the Screwdriver on the Sewer Grate to free Nugget.

At this point the bell will ring for Class. Choose to go to the Smart Class.

Access Secret Passage in School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the secret room with Lily and Billy.

Once class starts talk to Carla to get the Handicap Ramp key. After speaking with her complete the Assessment at the computers. Take the Spray Bottle or Toilet Paper as your reward then leave the classroom. With Carla in tow head downstairs. You will be stopped by hall monitor Stevie. Carla will cause a distraction allowing you to unlock the door leading to the Handicapped Ramp area (right of the Dumb Classroom). Head to the School Yard area with the Sewer Grate in it. Go into the Sewer Grate to reach a hidden room. Squeak the Monstermon Plushie on the furthest right box. Talk to Lily and Billy about Jerome (you will get the Undercover Blue + Brown outfit). Head back inside the school and tell Jerome and Carla the plan. The bell will sound for Lunch.

Meet Lily in Girls Washroom

Image showing the meeting between Lily and Jerome.

In the Cafeteria talk with Carla and Jerome. You need to get Jerome to the meeting in the Girls Washroom. To do this you need to start a food fight. Speak with Buggs about starting a food fight. Give Buggs all the Burgers Jerome has then buy one more from the Lunch Lady. Leave the Cafeteria and enter the Girls Washroom. Knock on the Stall to the right to start the meeting. After the meeting use your Screwdriver on the vent to the right leading to the Science Class. Go into the Science Class and change the lesson to Robotics. You will get caught and sent to Study Hall.

Get the Jerome’s Device Back from Old Janitor

Image showing the location of Jerome's Device in the Janitor's Closet.

In our haste to escape the Girls Bathroom we left Jerome’s Device behind. We need to get it back. To start say nothing to Danner then use an Apple to make Danner fall asleep. Once Danner is asleep Carla will come and talk to you and Jerome. Take Carla up to the Girls Washroom. In the Girls Washroom you will bump into the old janitor. He has Jerome’s Device. Complete the task for him (take spray bottle to cafeteria or TP to Boys Washroom). Head back upstairs and speak with Carla then talk to the old janitor. Head down to the Janitor’s Closet and grab Jerome’s Device from Cart’s Bag (yellow thing right of tools). Return to Study Hall and use an Apple. Go to Science Class.

Defuse Jerome’s Device in Science Class

Image showing the crushed device in Science Class.

In Science Class speak to Carla abou defusing Jerome’s Device. She suggest asking someone who has experience from the previous school. So Monty it is! Talk to Monty about defusing Jerome’s Device. To defuse the device Monty wants to go on a date with Carla. Let Carla know this then give the device to Monty. He will defuse it. Place the device onto the press and activate it. This ends the mission.

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