Kindergarten 2 Monstermon Cards Locations Guide

Image showing all Monstermon cards collected in Kindergarten 2

There are two sets of collectibles for players to collect in Kindergarten 2: Monstermon cards and Outfits. The guide below will tell you all 50 Monstermons cards locations. Use it to collect them all and reach your true form.


  • Collect all 50 cards for the Gotta Get ’em All! and What Did it Cost? achievements.
  • Once a Monstermon card is collected it is added to your collection there is no need to finish out the day.
  • A number of cards require winning battles against your fellow students. You can start battling at Recess and Study Hall once you have 10 cards in your collection.
  • Beating the game (by completing the Creature Feature mission) unlocks a guide to all Monstermon locations.

Monstermon Cards Locations

There are a total of 50 Monstermon cards to collect. These cards are broken up into different colors (with 10 of each color): Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple. I list off each card’s location below.

Blue Cards (10/10)

  • Celestial Slug (Card #1): After you’ve destroyed Monty’s wheelchair during “The Hitman’s Potty Guard” mission choose to go to Gym Class. Get Ms. Applegate to leave (by siding with Carla over the basketball) and then head out to the Playground. Retrieve the card by speaking to Monty on the ground.
  • Hard Boogar (Card #2): The Hard Boogar card is located on the corner of the school exterior between the Wheelchair Ramp and Forest. Can be grabbed whenever you have access to this area.
  • Bucket o’ Water (Card #3): Found inside the Yellow Cart’s Bag to the right of the tools in the Janitor’s Closet. You will go into this room during the Tale of Two Janitors mission.
  • Pale Tuna B (Card #4): Complete If You Can Dodge a Tender up to Recess. Rescue Nugget from Ms. Applegate then let him work on Nugget Cave. Go to Agnes and give her the Nuggets for a Cat. Return to Nugget and give him the Cat.
  • Ultraladon (Card #5): Complete If You Can Dodge a Tender up to entering Nugget Cave. Inside the cave take the Leg and loot the skeleton on the left for $3.00. Use the $3.00 to go to Science Class. Match the Leg with the Leg on display to get this card.
  • Carnivorous Nimbus (Card#6): Buy Soda from the Teacher’s Lounge vending machine and give it to Buggs during Gym Class. This easily done during the If You Can Dodge a Tender mission.
  • Tiny Squid (Card #7): Anytime Dr. Danner is in Science Class take a Slide and interact with the aquarium. Look at the slide under the Microscope and he will give you this card.
  • Coral That Looks Like a Hand (Card #8): Defeat Carla in a Monstermon battle during Recess.
  • Hermit Frog (Card#9): You can grab this card from the cubby in any mission where you get Ms. Applegate to leave her classroom.
  • Castle of Sand (Card #10): Reach the top of the climbing wall during Recess. Avoid the grey rocks or you will fall to the ground.

Red Cards (10/10)

  • Man on Fire (Card #11): Reward for completing story mission Breaking Sad.
  • Chair of Spikes (Card #12): Inspect the purple couch in the Girls Washroom to get this card.
  • Cigaretmon (Card #13): During the Creature Feature mission after you enter the school during Recess, head to the Boys Washroom and give the Lighter to the hall monitors smoking.
  • Cyclops Duckling (Card #16): Complete Jerome’s swing puzzle during Recess. Solution to the puzzle is Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red, Blue, Red.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombie (Card #17): Defeat Nugget in a Monstermon battle during Recess.
  • Lonely Dragon (Card #18): Get a Passbook and a Hamburger and make your way to Recess. Give the Burger to Agnes to get Smoky the cat. Deliver the cat to the hall monitor in the Boys Washroom.
  • Million-Head Hydra (Card #19): Defeat Ozzy in a Monstermon battle at Recess.
  • Dab Hero (Card #20): Help Jerome get the Basketball during Gym Class.

Green Cards (10/10)

  • Monstrous Flytrap (Card #21): Reward for completing story mission Flowers for Diana.
  • The Tallest Tree (Card #22): During Recess on the mission Flowers For Diana shake the Beehive off the tree onto Penny. Inspect the Beehive after it has fallen to get the card.
  • Chill Stump (Card #23): Anytime Dr. Danner is in Science Class take a Slide and take a sample of the plant. Look at the slide under the Microscope and he will give you this card.
  • Gnome of Garden (Card #24): Start the Flowers For Diana mission and get the Blue Flower. Advance time until you reach Recess. Head into the Teacher’s Lounge and replace the Yellow Flower with the Blue Flower.
  • Literally Grass (Card #26): Complete Flowers For Diana up to Recess. Once Felix gives you the Weed sell it to Monty, but tell him it is worth more than his first offer.
  • Doodoo Bug (Card #27): Start a new day with An A+ in your inventory. Advance time to reach Smart Class. Complete assessment to get Toilet Paper. Leave class and go down to Ms. Applegate’s classroom. Advance time and enter on last apple to get Hall Pass. Buy a Burger at lunch and leave the Cafeteria. Go to the Boys Washroom and give Toilet Paper to Ozzy when he appears.
  • Mystical Tomato (Card #28): During the If You Can Dodge a Nugget mission walk to the right of the shelf with the box of nuggets in the Cafeteria to find the card next to the wall.
  • Hissing Fauna (Card #29): Defeat Monty in a Monstermon battle at Recess.
  • Legendary Sword (Card #30): This card is located at the end of the Lost Forest which is accessible to the right of the Handicapped Ramp area. Follow the directions on the sign to reach the card.

Yellow Cards

  • Golden Dewdrop (Card #31): Defeat Jerome in a Monstermon battle at Recess.
  • Zen Octopus (Card #32): Take the Fidgeter from the Toy Box in Ms. Applegate’s class before Nugget arrives. Give Nugget the Fidgeter to get the card.
  • Forbidden Book (Card #33): Inside the Principal’s Office pull the Red Book on the shelf beside the printer to get this card.
  • Marhmallow (Card #34): Defeat Cindy in a Monstermon battle at Recess.
  • Pot of Grease (Card #35): Get the Vegan Salad during the Flowers For Diana mission but keep it for yourself. Give the Vegan Salad to Agnes to get her cat. Give the cat to Cindy.
  • Mr. Nice Guy (Card #38): During the mission A Tale of Two Janitors stop in the Girls Washroom and speak to Bob when the old janitor tasks you with getting the elevator key.
  • The Slurper (Card #39): During the final boss fight in Creature Feature take out the three mutants then walk to the bottom left corner of the room to find the card.
  • Rare Jewel (Card #40): Defeat Felix in a Monstermon battle at Recess.

Purple Cards

  • Onion (Card #41): At Lunch wait for Ozzy to leave then search his lunch bag.
  • Purple Plush (Card #43): Reach Gym Class and make Ms. Applegate leave. Head to Ms. Applegate’s classroom and search the Toy Chest to get the card.
  • Spiky Flim Flam (Card #44): Defeat Buggs in a Monstermon battle in Study Hall (wait for Dr. Danner to leave).
  • Monster Ghost (Card #45): Take An A+ and Penny’s Laser Beam to school. Skip to Smart Class. Give Penny’s Laser Beam to Monty.
  • Knight Who Turned Evil (Card #46): During Cain’s Not Able show the Contract to Teddy the moment after you get it. Complete the level and Teddy will reward you with this card.
  • Evil Thwarter (Card #47): Defeat Agnes in a Monstermon battle at Recess.
  • Mysterious Package (Card #48): During the Breaking Sad mission complete everything up to Lunch. Take Monty’s Elevator card and leave the Cafeteria (having bought a burger first). DO NOT TALK TO CARLA. Go down the elevator and speak to Billy. Interact with Billy’s box after you are done speaking to him to get this card.
  • Oglebop Orge (Card #49): During the Opposites Attract mission take the Toilet Paper after the Assessment and clog the Boys Washroom toilet. Complete the interaction with Cindy to get the doll then talk to the old janitor in the Boys Washroom to get the card.
  • Dank Magician (Card #50): Reward for completing story mission Creature Feature.

What You Get for Collecting All 50 Monstermon Cards

Image showing what you get for collecting all 50 Monstermon cards.
The reward for getting all Monstermon Cards.

Once you’ve collected all 50 Monstermon cards, return to your Bedroom. Head over to the shelf holding the cards and interact with the switch to the right of it. Upon activation of the switch the bookshelf will move out of the way to reveal Nugget and a secret entrance. Go inside the entrance to reach The Sacred Sanctum of Monstermon. In this room Nugget can do unspeakable things. Sit back and enjoy the cutscene.

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