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There are a total of nine story missions for players to complete in Kindergarten 2. These missions range from gathering flowers to dumping bodies. The third mission you will come across is The Hitman’s Potty Guard. To help you complete this mission use our The Hitman’s Potty Guard guide below.


Leave Bedroom Without Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.
Leave your bedroom without items.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. There is nothing of note for you to do so exit and start another day of kindergarten. When you leave you will enter the School Yard area. Here you will start the mission.

School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the School Yard area during The Potty's Guard mission.
The School Yard portion.

In the School Yard area you will need to complete a number of things to get The Potty’s Guard mission rolling. Do the following things steps to begin the mission:

  1. Speak to Felix.
  2. Speak to Teddy.
  3. Buy a Battery from Monty for $2.00.
  4. Tell Cindy Teddy needs her help. She will give you Gum to give to Teddy.
  5. Give Gum to Teddy and he will stick it in Carla’s hair.
  6. Talk to Carla and ask if you can help her to get the Coupon.

After you complete the above sequence, the bell will ring and you will move to the Classroom. Here you will need to complete more steps as part of the game’s main mission.


Image showing the sequence in the Classroom for The Potty's Guard.
Steps to take in the classroom.

Inside the Classroom you will need to complete a number of actions to advance the story. Do the following steps to further advance the mission so you can complete it:

  1. Speak to Teddy.
  2. Give the Battery you bought from Monty to Ozzy.
  3. Talk to Teddy to start distraction.
  4. Take Teddy with you to talk to Cindy and start distraction.
  5. Grab Inhaler and Weed from the cubbies.

Once the above list is complete a hall monitor will enter. He will give you a Hall Pass. After this occurs the bell will sound, sending you to Lunch.

Escape the Cafeteria

Image showing the Cafeteria during The Potty's Guard.
Escape the cafeteria.

Inside the Cafeteria, Ted will talk to you (and give you a Fork) about the next phase of the plan. To advance the plan you need to go to the Boys Washroom and occupy Ozzy’s favorite stall. Before you can do this, head over to the Lunch Lady and purchase a Burger for $1.00. Take your burger and go to leave out the bottom right doors of the Cafeteria. The Lunch Lady will stop you and then sign your Hall Pass so you can leave.

Occupy Stall in Boys Washroom

Image showing which stall to use during The Potty's Guard.
Occupy Ozzy’s favorite stall.

Before going to the Boys Washroom, talk to the hall monitor and give him the Weed. Once you’ve done this go inside the Boys Washroom and occupy the left stall. Upon doing this Ozzy will enter the bathroom and get rather stressed out. After this scene leave the washroom.

Upstairs Hallway Vending Machine

Image showing the Vending Machine in The Potty's Guard.
Buy scissors from the vending machine.

After leaving the Boys Washroom make your way to the Upstairs Hallway via the stairway. In this hallway you want to purchase Scissors from the Vending Machine. Buy the Scissors for $1.00 and the bell will ring for Recess.

Recess on Playground

Image showing the Playground events during The Potty's Guard.

On the Playground you will bump into Ozzy who mentions he has another Inhaler inside his locker. This messes up our plan. Fear not though since kindergarten is a ruthless place. Complete the following actions on the Playground to continue the mission:

  1. Speak to Teddy.
  2. Collect the Green Flower from the Dumpster Area (accessible via wooden gate).
  3. Return to Teddy and speak with him. Take him over to Carla on the Trampoline. Tell her you got the Scissors. She wants you to do another favor for her.
  4. Sell the Inhaler to Monty then bring Teddy over and destroy his chair.

After you destroy Monty’s chair there will be a brief cutscene and you and Teddy will speak with Carla. After speaking with Carla choose to go to Science Class for $3.00.

Science Class Distraction

Image showing Cindy forking the electrical outlet in Science Class.
Distraction during Science Class.

In Science Class you need to cause a distraction. This is done by enlisting the help of Cindy. Inspect and make a note of the electrical outlet beside the computers. Tell Cindy about the outlet and give her the Fork and the Green Flower to begin the distraction. Once the distraction has occurred leave the classroom and enter the hallway.

Get the Inhaler

Image showing Ozzy's Locker.
Take the Inhaler from Ozzy’s Locker.

In the hallway head over to the orange locker. This is Ozzy’s Locker. open Ozzy’s locker (the orange one) and take the Inhaler from inside of it. Once you have the Inhaler return to Science class.

Science Class Yet Again

Image showing the result of Ozzy being exposed to the Green Flower.

Back in Science Class inspect what remains of Cindy and take the Green Flower back from her (you will get the Spoiled Pink Dress outfit as well). After you inspect the body the power will turn back on. Speak to Ozzy and show him the Green Flower to trigger his death. For this will earn you the Germaphobe’s Stripes outfit.

This guide is part of a larger Kindergarten 2 walkthrough and guide hub. Check it out for more guides for this game. If you want to continue the main story, begin a new day to start the If You Can Dodge a Nugget mission.

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