Kindergarten 2 Flowers for Diana Guide

The second story mission in Kindergarten 2 is called Flowers for Diana. In this story mission you need to collect five flowers for Dr. Danner during one school day. To help you accomplish this task, use our Flowers for Diana guide below.


  • Complete this mission to receive Monstrous Flytrap Monstermon card.
  • Unlocks An A+ key item.
  • Unlocks the Flowers for Diane achievement.
  • Complete this mission and A Tale of Two Janitors to unlock the Opposites Attract mission.
  • Complete this mission along with The Potty’s Guard to unlock the If You Can Dodge a Nugget mission.

Leave Bedroom Without Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. There is nothing of note for you to do so exit and start another day of kindergarten.

School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the School Yard entry area.

When you arrive at school you will be in the School Yard. In this area there are a number of NPCs you can speak to. To start the Flowers for Diana story mission you will need to do the following:

  1. Speak to Dr. Danner (standing left of entrance to school) and tell him you are not below average. He will challenge you to collect 5 flowers before the day is done. Accept the challenge.
  2. Talk to Nugget (kid in sewer grate right of stairs) about being trapped. After speaking to him talk to the Principal (lady standing by Dr. Danner) who will send her sister, the lunch lady, to guard him.
  3. Ask both Cindy and Carla about flowers for future endeavours.
  4. Pay Monty $3.00 to push him up the ramp in the right area of the School Yard.

Once you’ve done the listed items above, head into the right area with Monty.

School Yard (Ramp Area)

Image showing the ramp area in the School Yard.

After paying Monty 3.00, you will gain access to the right area of the School Yard. In this area you can do a few things:

  1. Head up to the planter to grab the Blue Flower (story).
  2. Collectible: Grab the Hard Boogar Monstermon card from the corner of the school.
  3. Collectible: Read sign to learn directions: UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP. Use them to traverse forest by sign to reach the Legendary Sword Monstermon card.

To advance the story head up the ramp and into the school. Inside the school go up the stairs to trigger a cutscene with the hall monitors. You will receive the Hall Pass and Monitor’s Sash outfit. The bell will ring after this interaction and you will end up in class.

Classroom Love Letter

Image showing the where to get the Love Letter.

In the classroom speak to Cindy to receive the Love Letter item. This love letter needs to be delivered to Felix in the Science Class upstairs. Once you have the Love Letter leave the classroom using your Hall Pass and head upstairs. The Science Class can be accessed via the door to the right of the Girls Washroom.

Science Class Love Letter Delivery

Image showing where to deliver the Love Letter.

Inside the Science Class speak to Felix and give him the Love Letter and tell him Cindy isn’t bad. Felix will give you $3.00 for your troubles. After you deliver of the letter you will be tossed out of the Science Class Before heading back to your classroom, stop in the Girls Washroom and speak to Bob about getting flowers for Ms. Applegate. This causes the bell to ring and Afternoon to start.

Cafeteria Adventures

Image showing the Cafeteria.

There is a bunch of stuff to do in the Cafeteria at this time so I will list them off for you in numerical order like I did the School Yard areas. Complete the following steps to advance the story.

  1. Speak to the Lunch Lady about Vegan food after Felix talks to you at the start of the level.
  2. Pay Carla $5.00 to distract Stevie.
  3. Enter Teacher’s Lounge and collect Yellow Flower.
  4. Talk to Lunch Lady to get Vegan Salad.
  5. Collectible: Interact with Ozzy’s Lunchbag after he leaves to get the Onion Monstermon card.
  6. Collectible: Eat Apple to advance to Recess. Give Vegan Salad to Agnes in dumpster area (through wooden gate) to get a Cat named Gravy. Give Gravy to Cindy who is jumping on the trampoline to get the Hag’s Rags outfit and Pot of Grease Monstermon card. Restart to Lunch.
  7. Repeat steps 1-4.
  8. Give Vegan Salad to Felix.

After you’ve completed the steps above Recess will trigger. You will move to the Playground area.

Playground Adventures

Image showing the Playground.

Like the Cafeteria there is a ton of stuff for you to do in the Playground. This stuff will be listed in numerical order below to help you do all of it if you so desire:

  1. Plant Contraband on big tree and shake it when Penny comes over. After this incident Cindy will give you the Purple Flower.
  2. If you spoke to Bob earlier in the washroom, he will appear at this moment with Red Flowers to give to Ms. Applegate. Grab one from the bouquet left on the ground.
  3. Achievement: Go into the Cafeteria and then into the Teacher’s Lounge to catch Bob and Ms. Applegate kissing. This unlocks the K-I-S-S-I-N-G achievement.
  4. Collectible: Interact with beehive to get The Tallest Tree Monstermon card.
  5. Collectible: Climb to the top of the climbing wall using the Green and Yellow holds to get the Castle of Sand Monstermon card.
  6. Collectible: Speak to Jerome by the swings to start a puzzle. Interact with the swings in the following order: YELLOW, BLUE, BLUE, RED, BLUE, RED to solve the puzzle and earn the Cyclops Duckling Monstermon card.
  7. Sell the Contraband to Monty for $5.
  8. Go to Dumpster Area (north through broken gate) and pick the Green Flower.
  9. Pay $3.00 fee and go to Science Class.

Once you’ve paid the $3.00 you will enter Science Class. The end of this mission is in sight!

Science Lab Flower Turn In

Image showing Diana in Kindergarten 2.

If you followed the guide up to this point you will have collected all 5 flowers for Dr. Danner. As a reward Dr. Danner will bring in Diana, a carnivorous plant. Feed the flowers to Diana in the following order: BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE, RED, GREEN to complete the mission.

What did you think of our Flowers for Diana guide? Let us know in The Pit below. Stay tuned for more Kindergarten 2 guides to come your way!


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