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Kindergarten 2 features a total of 9 story missions for players to complete. These missions range from helping out Janitors to gathering flowers. To help you complete the first story mission, use our Kindergarten 2 A Tale of Two Janitors guide below.

Mission Notes:

Leave Bedroom Without Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.
Starting your day.

When you start the game you will be placed in your Bedroom. There is nothing of note for you to do. Go to the door and exit without any items. This will a day of kindergarten and will arrive in the School Yard.

School Yard Janitor War

Image showing the Janitor war in the school yard in Kindergarten 2.
The janitor war in the School Yard.

At school you will arrive in the School Yard. In this area there are a number of NPCs you can talk to. To begin the A Tale of Two Janitors mission do the following:

  • Speak to the old janitor located to the left of the path leading into the school. The old janitor will mention how disgusting the school is and that the new janitor isn’t helping much. Reply to the old janitor with “You don’t know his name yet?” to have him tell you to learn the new janitor’s name.
  • The new janitor can be located on the right side of the School Yard. Go up to the new janitor and ask “What’s your name?” You will learn his name is Bob. Return to the old janitor.
  • Tell the old janitor that the name is Bob. Follow this up by asking what he is gonna do to him to receive the Declaration of War item.
  • Give the Declaration of War item to Bob then return to the old janitor and tell him you delivered the item.

Upon telling the old janitor about delivering the item, the bell will ring and you will be prompted to head to class. Head inside the school to go to class.

Leave Classroom

Image showing the Classroom inside of the school in Kindergarten 2.
Leave the classroom to continue the mission.

In the next area you will be in a Classroom. Your teacher has a headache so you will be told to go play. Attempt to leave the classroom and accept Study Hall as punishment. You will leave the classroom and enter the School Hallway.

School Hallway (1F)

Image showing the School Hallway (1F).
Enter the boy’s bathroom.

In the School Hallway make your way to the Boy’s Bathroom (green door). Make a note of the hall monitor guarding the stairs who is named Stevie (we will return here soon). For now go inside the washroom.

Boys Washroom

Image showing the Boys Washroom.
In the boy’s washroom speak to the old janitor.

Inside the Boy’s Washroom speak to the old janitor. The old janitor needs to get upstairs but his hip is giving him trouble. He wants you to get the elevator key from a student upstairs. Agree to do this then head back out to the School Hallway.

Speak to Stevie in School Hallway

Image showing Stevie in the School Hallway (1F).
Hall Monitor Stevie

In the School Hallway head over to the hall monitor who is guarding the stairs. Speak to Stevie and he will tell you that you need adult permission to go upstairs. Return to the old janitor in the Boy’s Washroom and tell him that. You and the old janitor will head out to the School Hallway where he will lay a smackdown on Stevie. Once this is done you will be able to head upstairs. Before doing that, interact with Stevie’s body to get the Strict Stash outfit.

Optional Cards: Girls Washroom

Image showing Bob in the Girls Washroom.
Speak to Bob in the girl’s washroom.

Optional: Upstairs make your way inside the pink door to enter the Girl’s Washroom. Inside this room you will find Bob cleaning the floors. Speak to Bob and tell him you can’t read or right. This causes Bob to leave and return. You will receive the Mr. Nice Guy Monstermon card for your efforts. Before leaving, inspect the purple sofa in the washroom to get the Chair of Spikes Monstermon card. Leave area when ready.

Science Lab Elevator Key

Image showing where to get the Elevator Key.
Get the Elevator Key from Monty.

To advance the story make your way into the Science Lab. Here you will need to speak to Monty. Ask Monty for the key to the elevator. He will reluctantly give it to you. Once you have the key you will be kicked out. Return to the old janitor on the lower floor and give him the key. You will receive the walkie-talkie item and time will advance to the Afternoon.

Cafeteria Distraction

Image showing the Cafeteria at lunch time.
Pay Carla to cause a distraction at lunch time.

In the Cafeteria the old janitor will radio you. He wants you to come help him. The problem is that you can’t leave. To leave the Cafeteria you need to pay Carla $5.00 to cause a distraction. Once you’ve done paid her, head out the double-doors at the bottom of the room into the School Hallway.

Girls Washroom Mess

Image showing the old janitor and Bob.
The old janitor killed Bob.

You need to make your way up to the Girls Washroom. You will be stopped on the stairs by the hall monitor, but then let past. In the next area avoid speaking to Monty and head directly into the Girls Washroom. Before speaking to the old janitor interact with Bob’s corpse to get the Jolly Jumper outfit. Speak to the old janitor about what’s going on to receive the key to his “weapons closet.” This closet is located through the Boys Washroom. Head there now.

Get Chainsaw from Weapons Closet

Image showing where to find the Chainsaw.
Where to grab the chainsaw.

In the Boys Washroom use the key on the only door in the room. This will take you to the weapons closet. Inside this room you will notice a number of weapons hanging up. Before taking any of them, go up to the yellow bucket and interact with it to get the Bucket O Water Monstermon card. Once you have this card grab the Chainsaw and return to the old janitor. The old janitor will cut up Bob and give you his head. You will then head to Study Hall.

Take the Toy Car from Study Hall

Image showing where to get the Toy Car in Study Hall.
Grab the Toy Car in Study Hall.

In Study Hall say nothing after Dr. Danner’s opening speech. Once he is done talking eat an apple to make him leave the room. Doing this causes the old janitor to radio you. Penny is on to you and you will need to deal with her. To do this, grab the Toy Car from toy chest and leave the room.

School Hallway (1F) and Cafeteria

Image showing where to place the Toy Car.
Place the Toy Car on the stairs.

In the School Hallway go up to the stairs and place the Toy Car. With the car in place head into the Cafeteria. Inside the Cafeteria throw away Bob’s Head in the trashcan to have Penny enter. Tell her you are looking for the old janitor and that he is upstairs. This will cause Penny to fall on the Toy Car. Return to the Study Hall and eat an Apple then go to Gym Class.

Leave Gym Class

Image showing helping Carla get the ball in the Gym.
Help Carla get the ball.

During Gym Class the old janitor will radio you about disposing of a body. To do this you need to leave Gym Class. To make this happen head over to Jerome and Carla who are fighting over a basketball. Help Carla grab the ball to cause Ms. Applegate to leave. This allows you to leave the Gym.

Get Body from Weapons Closet

Image showing the Weapons Closet flooded with gas.
Grab the garbage bag from the Weapons Closet.

Our destination is the Weapons Closet (located in the Boys Washroom). Before heading there grab some of the green goo in front of the elevator. Once you have this item make your way into the Weapons Closet. In Weapons Closet there is a gas leak, quickly grab the garbage bag in the upper right corner of the room and leave. Make your way to the Cafeteria.

Reach Dumpster Behind Playground

Image showing banging on the dumpster.
Bang on the dumpster to dump the body.

Exit the Cafeteria through the doors on the left wall. Cross the playground and make your way up by the wooden fence to reach the dumpster area. When you arrive here you will meet the old janitor. Tell the old janitor you brought the body. He wants you to dump it in the dumpster.

Unfortunately, the dumpster is locked. To open the dumpster go up to it and bang on it. This causes Agnes to appear. Give Agnes the green goo to dump the body in the dumpster. This ends the day and the mission.

The next missions to complete is called Flowers For Diana. Start this mission to continue the main story. If you wish head over to our Kindergarten 2 guides page for a bunch of guides we wrote to help you 100% this game.

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