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There are a total of nine story mission to complete in Kindergarten 2. The final story mission is called Creature Feature. To complete this final mission consult our Creature Feature guide below.


  • Complete this mission to receive the Dank Magician Monstermon card.
  • Unlocks All Monstermon and Outfit locations revealed item.
  • Unlocks Creature Feature achievement.
  • This is the final mission of the game.

Leave Bedroom with Key Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.
Leave the bedroom with the Monstermon Plushie, Faculty Remote, and Carla’s Laser Bomb.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. Before leaving your Bedroom you will want to have three items with you: Monstermon Plushie, Faculty Remote, and Carla’s Laser Bomb. Once you have all three of these items on your character start the day.

Give Remote to Billy in School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the School Yard steps for the Creature Feature story mission.
Inter with the characters in the order shown above.

Like all eight missions before it, the Creature Feature mission starts you off in the School Yard area. In this area the goal is to deliver the Faculty Remote to Billy in the hidden Sewer Grate area. To do this complete the following actions:

  1. Buy a Battery from Monty.
  2. Go over to Penny and use Faculty Remote on her. She will free Nugget.
  3. Go through Sewer Grate into hidden area and use the Monstermon Plushie on the right box. Give Faculty Remote to Billy.
  4. Return to School Yard and get Lunch Pass from Principal.

After you’ve completed the above steps the bell for class will ring. You will go inside for class. Here you will be able to complete more steps to complete the mission.

Recruit Classmates to Help

Image showing which classmates to recruit.
Recruit your classmates for help.

At the start of class head to the left of the room and you will see Billy hanging from the ceiling. Speak to him to learn what it is you need to do. He will give you back the Faculty Remote as well as mention what the buttons do. To complete this room do the following events:

  1. Speak with Buggs and use the Green Button on the remote to summon Penny. Press the Blue Button to get Buggs Knife. Give Knife to Buggs. Tell him to help you with the teacher.
  2. Talk to Cindy and tell her you need her to help you with the teacher. She will help you if you put gum in a girl’s hair. Press the Green Button to summon Penny. Put Gum in hair then press the Yellow Button.

After you’ve done both of these events the hall monitor will barge in and give you a Passbook. The bell will then sound for Lunch. You will go to the Cafeteria.

Taking Out Ms. Applegate

Image showing the fate of Ms. Applegate.
Payback against Ms. Applegate.

In the Cafeteria Billy will speak to you. Carla has secured a Listening Device. She will give it to you in exchange for the Laser Bomb. Give it to her and get the Listening Device. With Listening Device in hand head over to Nugget and speak to him. Give him the Jackhammer to start his Nugget Tunnel. Jump into the Tunnel after Nugget.

Place the Listening Device on the table of the Teacher’s Lounge. Tell Billy you placed the Listening Device. Leave the Cafeteria using your Lunch Pass. Watch the brief cutscene then go with Lily to the Girls Washroom. Pick up the Knife and stab Ms. Applegate. At this point you will head outside for Recess.

Reaching the Underground Laboratory

Image showing Bob fighting the Monster.
Bob helps with a monster.

On the Playground speak with Nugget to drop into his Nugget Cave. Inside the cave you will find Lily and Billy. There is a monster blocking access to the Underground Lab. We need to find someone to defeat it. Go back to the surface and make your way over to Penny. Use the Faculty Remote on Penny and she will run and jump into Nugget’s Cave.

Before heading into the school, go up to the Dumpster Area and speak to Carla about Penny being gone. Carla will blow a hole in the Teacher’s Lounge wall that leads to the Janitor’s Closet. Go through the hole into the Janitor’s Closet. Speak to Bob and snap him out of his daze. He will go fight the monster. Grab the Doll from the Toy Chest in Ms. Applegate’s Classroom. Return to Nugget Cave and give the Doll to Penny. The group will then go to the Secret Laboratory.

Secret Laboratory Boss Fight

Image showing the Underground Laboratory Boss fight.
The final boss fight in Kindergarten 2.

In the Secret Laboratory you will learn a bunch of things about the story. There is then a boss fight you need to complete. This boss fight can be won by following the steps listed below:

Phase 1 (Monsters)

  1. Interact with the Green Switch and Press the Button.
  2. Press Red Button in Penny’s Head.
  3. Interact with Blue Switch. Move it Left then Press the Button.
  4. Interact with Red Switch and Press the Button.

After the Principal falls into the green goo you will watch a short cutscene. After this cutscene a Mutated Principal will emerge from the green goo for phase 2.

Phase 2 (Mutated Principal)

  1. Interact with Green Switch. Move it Left then Press the Button to close the Principal‘s mouth.
  2. Interact with Red Switch. Move it Left (2x) then Press the Button.

Do the above to have Nugget Jackhammer his way through the floor and through the eye of the Mutated Principal. All the kids you came to save will appear out of the green goo. Everyone will leave school for the day and the credits will roll.

This guide is part of a larger Kindergarten 2 walkthrough and guide hub. Check it out for more guides for this game including how to find all the game’s outfits and unlock all achievements.

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