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In Kindergarten 2 there are a nine total story missions for player to complete. These story missions tell different tales of the various characters you find around the school. To complete each mission you need to do certain events in a day. Use our Breaking Sad guide to complete the seventh mission in the game.


Leave Bedroom with Key Items

Image showing Your Room in Kindergarten 2.
Take the Monstermon Plushie and Felix’s Strange Chemical.

When you start a new day you will be placed in your Bedroom. Before leaving your Bedroom you will want to have two items with you: Monstermon Plushie and Felix’s Strange Chemical. Once you have these two items on your character start the day.

Anger Ms. Applegate in School Yard (Entry Area)

Image showing the School Yard steps for Breaking Sad.
Interact with the characters in the order shown above.

To get the Breaking Sad story mission moving you need to anger Ms. Applegate in the School Yard. This can be done by completing the following steps:

  1. Speak to Ms. Applegate and make her angry.
  2. Talk to Cindy and follow this conversation path: “I thought we were together” > “I disagree, you’re pretty awful” > “I’m always ready for a domestic dispute.” This causes Ms. Applegate to attack her.
  3. After this event Buggs will talk with you about getting a Firecracker.
  4. Talk to Carla and get the Firecracker from her by betting it’s easy to smuggle things in.
  5. Use Monty to access the Handicap Ramp.

Once you have access to the Handicap Ramp make your way into the school. Go into the classroom on the bottom floor and place the Firecracker in your cubby (furthest left one). The bell will ring for class and Ms. Applegate will appear.

Try to Help Ms. Applegate

Image showing Ms. Applegate freaking out.
Try to help Ms. Applegate.

Inside the Classroom make your way over to your Cubby and pop the Firecracker there. After the cutscene leave the classroom and talk to Ms. Applegate by the Cafeteria entrance. She wants Monty to make Pills for her. With this in mind leave the classroom.

Outside, head up to Science Class and speak with Monty. Give Monty Felix’s Strange Chemical. This is only a part of what we need to make Pills. We also need Hair Samples and a Chemistry Set. On your way back to class buy the Scissors out of the Vending Machine. Once in class tell Ms. Applegate what is needed. The bell will sound for Lunch.

Billy’s Hair Sample Attempt

Image showing an attempt at Billy's Hair Sample.
Try and get a hair sample from Billy.

In the Cafeteria Monty will speak to you. He will give you his Elevator Key. After this talk to Carla and tell her you snuck the Firecracker in. She will be impressed and will help you out with the Chemistry Set. After you’ve spoken with Carla buy a Burger and then leave the Cafeteria through the bottom right doors. Ride the elevator down into the area below the school. In this area use the Monstermon Plushie on the furthest right box to have Lilly and Billy appear. Try to get a Hair Sample from Billy (you will fail). Exhaust the dialogue and the bell will ring for Recess.

Getting Billy’s Hair Sample

Image showing how to get Billy's hair sample.
Clip hairs from dying Billy’s head.

At the start of Recess Ms. Applegate will grab Nugget. Walk over to her and give her your Scissors. You will receive Nugget and Ms. Applegate’s hair from this interaction. After this head inside the school through the Cafeteria. Return to your Classroom and take the money from the Cubby there. Leave the Classroom and ride down the elevator. Billy and Lily have been attacked by a monster. Use this opportunity to clip a few hairs off of Billy’s head. Head back to the Playground and give Monty back his Elevator Card. The bell will sound. Head to Science Class.

Making Pills for Ms. Applegate

Image of Ms. Applegate getting pills.
Ms. Applegate wants her pills.

When Science Class begins Monty will use the Chemistry Set first. Speak to him and give him the items you’ve collected up to this point. After you’ve done this Monty will give you items to distract you classmates. Give out the objects in this order:

  1. Green Flower to Ozzy.
  2. Gem to Cindy.
  3. Doll to Penny.

Once you’ve done this talk with Monty and help him mix the Drugs. Mix with Red to avoid dying. Upon successfully mixing the drugs the school day and the mission will end.

This guide is part of a larger Kindergarten 2 walkthrough and guide hub. Check it out for more guides for this game. If you want to continue the main story, begin a new day to start Creature Feature.

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