Kindergarten 2 Achievements Guide

In Kindergarten 2 there are a number of achievements to collect. These achievements range from simply completing the different story mission to microwaving a cat. To unlock all achievements, check out our Kindergarten 2 achievements guide below.

Story Mission Achievements (9)

Image showing all 9 missions in Kindergarten 2
The game’s Mission Map.

There are a total of nine mission for players to complete in Kindergarten 2. For completing each mission you will unlock an achievement. If you need help completing missions check out our guide here.

  • A Tale of Two Janitors: Complete The “A Tale of Two Janitors” Mission.
  • Flowers For Diane: Complete The “Flowers For Diana” Mission.
  • Hitman’s Potty Guard: Complete The “Hitman’s Potty Guard” Mission.
  • If You Can Dodge A Nugget: Complete The “If You Can Dodge A Nugget” Mission.
  • Opposite’s Attract: Complete The “Opposite’s Attract” Mission.
  • Cain’s not Able: Complete The “Cain’s not Able” Mission.
  • Things That Go Boom: Complete The “Things That Go Boom” Mission.
  • Breaking Sad: Complete The “Breaking Sad” Mission.
  • Creature Feature: Complete The “Creature Feature” Mission.

Collectibles, General Gameplay, and Hidden Achievements (15)

Image showing all Monstermon cards collected in Kindergarten 2
All Monstermon cards collected.

There are two types of collectibles in Kindergarten 2: Monstermon cards and outfits. These collectibles are tied to a number of achievements. Along with the collectibles achievements there are also general gameplay achievements for players to unlock. and some hidden achievements as well. How to get all of these achievements is listed below.

Collectibles (5)

  • Starting Your Monstermon Journey: Collect your first Monstermon card.
  • Ready To Battle!: Collect 10 Monstermon cards and equip them. This can be done at the shelf in your room or the Monstermon option on the pause screen.
  • Gotta Get ’em All!: Collect all 50 Monstermon cards.
  • Fashionista: Collect all 30 Outfits.
  • Cat Collector: Find homes for all three of the cats Agnes gives you.
    • Smoky to the older hall monitor.
    • Gravy to Cindy.
    • Tenders to Nugget.

Gameplay (5)

  • First Day Of School: Complete your first day of kindergarten.
  • Hard Knock Life: Get killed for the first time.
  • What To Wear?: Equip your first outfit. This can be done at the closet in your Bedroom.
  • Pewter City: Win your first Monstermon battle during Recess.
  • Big League: Win every possible Monstermon battle during Recess/Study Hall.

Hidden (5)

  • K-I-S-S-I-N-G: During Flowers for Diana, Bob and Ms. Applegate will leave the Playground together. Follow them to the Teacher’s Lounge to catch them kissing.
  • Turning the Tables: During the Cain’s Not Able mission show the Contract Felix gives you to Teddy. Complete the mission to have Teddy turn the tables on his own brother.
  • The Memories: Complete mission If You Can Dodge a Nugget up to the point where you can enter Nuggets Cave at Recess. Go to the Dumpster Area and grab the Green Flower. Go into Nuggets Cave and place the flower on the altar.
  • Common Decency: Get a cat from Agnes and attempt to microwave it in the Teacher’s Lounge. Interact with the microwave until your reach ‘You’re right. That’d be horrible.” Select that text option to get the achievement. If you do microwave the cat it explodes and your character leaves school for the day.
  • What Did It Cost?: collect all 50 Monstermon cards then activate the switch next to the bookshelf in your Bedroom. Interact with Nugget and watch the real ending.

This concludes our Kindergarten 2 achievements guide. As you can see most of the achievements are fairly straightforward to get. If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide, drop them below.


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