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The second DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is called The Crown Tundra. This second piece of content adds a new area for players to explore with new Pokemon, new NPCs, and a new story to complete. Like the last DLC expansion there are a number of quests to complete and secrets to discover. To help you complete the main story and side quests use The Crown Tundra DLC guides below.

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Pokemon Sword/Shield The Crown of Tundra Main Story Guide

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In this section of our The Crown Tundra guides hub you will find all the guides needed to complete the main story of the DLC. These guides will take you from the start all the way to the ‘end’ of the DLC. The guides posted below are in chronological order of when you should use them as you make your way through the DLC content.

Upon completion of the above listed quests you will have completed the DLC storyline. For completing the game you will receive the Golden Expedition Suit. After the end screen there are a couple of end-game quests to complete.

Pokemon Sword/Shield The Crown of Tundra Side Quests Guides and Miscellaneous

The guides below pertain to completing side quests along with other miscellaneous guides for The Crown Tundra DLC. These guides contain information on things like where to catch specific Pokemon, how to get certain items, and more. The order of the guides below are not in chronological order.


Sonia Investigations

That’s all the guides you need to complete the second expansion in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Did you finish the expansion? Let me know what you though of it in the comments section below. If you have anything to share in this guide drop me a message using our Contact Us page.

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