How to Get Virizion in The Crown Tundra

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In the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield The Crown Tundra expansion there are a number of legendary Pokemon for players to find and capture. One group of these legendary Pokemon are tied to Sonia. In this group players can catch a Grass and Fighting type called Virizion. Learn more on how to get Virizion in The Crown Tundra in our guide below.

Find 50 Tracks of Grassland Pokemon

Image showing tracks left in the Crown Tundra.

When you leave Freezington for the first time you will run into Sonia. Sonia is visiting the Crown Tundra to research a few Pokemon. While speaking to Sonia she will point out a set of tracks by a tree. Your character we go over and inspect them, introducing you to the system of finding these tracks.

Once the cutscene is over you will want to find a total of 50 sets of Grassland Pokemon footprints. These footprints appear as sort of shiny-green on the ground when you see them. The Grassland area is mostly Giant’s Bed so you will want to look around there for them. When you do find a set be sure to look around as they often form a bit of a trail which can result in you racking up a sizable amount in no time at all.

Upon finding your fiftieth pair of tracks you will have completed the first step in finding Virizion. The next step is locating the animal which is where Sonia comes into play. Return to Sonia in Freezington and speak to her about the Evidence to track down Virizion.

Where to Find Virizion

Important: Have ample supplies before fighting Virizion. These Legendaries can be a pain to catch which means you should have excess Pokeballs in your inventory.

Sonia will narrow done the location of Virizion for you after you’ve collected 50 sets of tracks. Sonia tells you that Virizion can be found wandering around in the Giant’s Bed area of the Crown Tundra. Make your way to this area and search for Virizion who will now be walking around. I found mine near the Old Cemetery so start there if you want. Once you do find Virizion simply approach it to start a battle. You will want to catch this Pokemon to complete Sonia’s quest.

When you’ve finally caught Virizion head back to Sonia in Freezington. Speak to her to receive a gift for catching this legendary Pokemon. Check out more guides like this in our Crown Tundra hub.

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