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Once you’ve explore the Crown Tundra and reached Freezington you will receive a new story mission. This story mission involves consulting Legendary Clues to learn more about the King of Bountiful Harvests. To help you complete this story quest consult our The legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests guide below.

Look into the King of Bountiful Harvests

When you head inside the Freeze Inn and speak to Peony you will receive a number of items from him. The most important items you receive are the Legendary Clues 1-3. These clues are part of the main story and must be used to advance. The first clue you need to investigate is Legendary Clue 1.

Legendary Clue 1: Where to Find the Statue’s Crown

Legendary Clue 1: “There’s a fairy tale in Freezington about the Legendary Pokemon known as the King of Bountiful Harvests. In the legends, the king is said to wear a massive crown on its head, but the wooden statue near the fields in the middle of the village shows no sign of a crown.”

The first legendary clue tasks you with looking at the statue of the King of Bountiful Harvests that is located just outside the inn. Walk up to the statue and interact with the statue. It is missing an item we need to find. This item is a crown which is located on the table inside the Freeze Inn. Grab the Wooden Crown then head outside.

Helping Calyrex

Outside of the Freeze Inn head up to the statue and interact with it to place the crown on its head. Once the crown is back on the statue you will trigger a cutscene with the statue and the legendary Pokemon named Calyrex will appear in the clearing behind it. Head back into the clearing and fight the Calyrex there. After you defeat Calyrex a cutscene will trigger after which you need to speak to all the villagers in town.

Run around the town and speak to the different villagers outside the houses. They will mention not really remembering the king. Once you’ve spoken to them all you will get a prompt to head back to Calyrex. Do this now to give Calyrex the news that the town has forgotten about it. You will learn during this cutscene that Calyrex has lost its loyal steed. Once this cutscene is done head to the Mayor’s house. Just outside the house you will learn the Mayor is not home.

Where to Find the Mayor

The Mayor has headed out to the fields in Giant’s Bed. The Mayor’s exact location is right on the flag that is added to your town map. At this location look for fields growing vegetables and the Mayor is standing next to them. Speak to him to trigger a cutscene where you ask about Calyrex’s loyal steed. The Mayor wont tell you anything here and will instead head home back to Freezington. Go to the Mayor’s house now and speak to him to learn about the loyal steed. Head over to the bookshelf when prompted and read all the books to learn about the king. Leave the house.

Plant Carrots for Calyrex

Image showing where you can Plant Carrots for Calyrex.

Outside of the house Calyrex will appear in the clearing behind the statue. Head over to the Pokemon and speak to it. During this cutscene answer with Carrots. You will need to grow some carrots to lure the steed out. Carrot Seeds can be acquired from the NPC standing by the fields in Freezington in exchange for 8x Dynite Ore. Once you have Carrot Seeds you speak to Calyrex to learn that there are two places you can plant the seeds:

  • Old Cemetery: Grow Shaderoot Carrots for Ghost type.
  • Snowslide Slope: Grow Iceroot Carrots for Ice type.

Where you choose to plant the seeds determines which types of carrots will grow. The type of carrots you grow determines what type of Calyrex legendary you receive. Once you’ve made your decision pull either the Shaderoot or Iceroot Carrot when prompted. A cutscene will play and you will receive a new task to return to Freezington to stop Glastrier.

Bike or fly back to Freezington and you will find Glastrier in the garden. Head into the garden to trigger a cutscene then fight Glastrier. Defeat Glastrier to cause it to retreat. After Glastrier runs away you will find a tuft of hair it leaves behind. By weaving the hair with a radiant blossom it is possible to create the Reins of Unity.

How to Make the Reins of Unity

Now that we know how to make the Reins of Unity head into the clearing and speak to Calyrex about it. Calyrex will grow a petal from a radiant blossom for you. With this item head to the Mayor’s house and speak to him. As him for a favor when you speak to him to get him to make Reins of Unity for you. The Mayor will fail but Peony will barge in and make it for you instead.

Take the set of Reins of Unity Peony makes for you and head out of the Mayor’s house. Outside Peony will speak to you. Show the Reins of Unity to Calyrex when it appears and it will mention the location of Glastrier which is the Crown Shrine.

How to Catch Calyrex

Image showing the Calyrex Legendary Pokemon in The Crown Tundra.

The Crown Shrine is the north most location in The Crown Tundra. Head there when you are ready. Go inside the building and speak to Calyrex. Give the Reins to Calyrex and then walk over and place the Carrot in the bowl. You and Calyrex will hide and time will pass. Glastrier will appear some time later and Calyrex will attempt to tame it. This attempt is successful.

After the short cutscene you will be able to fight Glastrier and Calyrex in a traditional Pokemon battle. Simply approach the Pokemon and interact with it. Select ready Poke Ball to start the fight. Calyrex is Level 80 and is a mix of Psychic and Ghost or Ice (depending on the Carrot you grew). Some tips to catch it:

  • Use Master Ball if you don’t care.
  • Have high level party.
  • Bring potions and plenty of Ultra Balls.
  • Have a Pokemon with status effect and False Swipe.
  • Make a save before you fight.

These types should easily net you the Calyrex Legendary Pokemon for yourself. Once the Pokemon is caught you Peony will contact you. Head back to Freezington and speak to Peony in the Freeze Inn. Tell him about the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests and show him Calyrex to complete this first expedition.

This is one of many guides we’ve put together for the second DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Visit our Crown Tundra hub for more guides and helpful tips.

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