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The second expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is The Crown Tundra. This expansion takes players to the frozen tundra. In this new location you will encounter new Pokemon, NPCs, and a new story. The first objective you will need to complete is to explore the area. Use our explore Crown Tundra guide below to complete this first portion of the story.

Fight Peony

When you arrive in The Crown Tundra for the first time and leave the train station you will encounter two NPCs named Peony and Peonia. These NPCs are fighting. When you head over to them you will be able to choose to side with Peonia or not in their argument. Siding with Peonia triggers a battle with Peony.

Pokemon Trainer Peony Team

  • Copperajah.
  • Aggron.

After the battle with Peony Peonia will disappear leaving you alone with her father. Peonia has taken off to a Max Lair. Peony will head off in that direction leaving you alone.

Explore Crown Tundra

Image showing where to go to the Max Lair and Freezington in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

After the battle you will be free to explore the Crown Tundra. To start head towards the town of Freezington. As you go that direction you will trigger a cutscene with Peony who is standing outside of a Max Lair. After this cutscene head over to Peony and enter the Max Lair.

What are Max Lairs

Inside the cave you will trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene Peony will speak to a scientist. After the cutscene speak to the scientist to learn about Dynamax Adventures. Basically this new event allows you to form teams of trainers to explore deeper inside the Max Lairs. When ready speak to the Scientist and start your first Max Lair.

To complete the Max Lair you need to complete at least four battles (denoted by the hearts in the top left corner of your screen) along the paths up to the final battle at the end of the lair. Upon completion of the Max Lair you will speak to Peonia again. She will talk about doing the Max Lair. After this you will leave the area and need to speak to Peony. When you speak to Peony you will tell him about Peonia. Peony will give you a League Card. You will then need to head over to the first town called Freezington.

Head to Freezington and Go Into the Freeze Inn

Freezington is near to the Max Lair. Head from the entrance and head left to reach the cluster of buildings. When you head down the slope into town you will meet the Mayor of Freezington. The Mayor will give you the Boatneck Sweatshirt.

After this interaction head over to Peony inside the Freeze Inn. When you enter the building he will show you around the building. Peony will tell you that he needs to go on an expedition and you will join him. After this conversation he gives you the Expedition Uniform. You will change into this outfit and will get Legendary Clues 1-3. After getting these clues you will also get the Master Ball.

Once this interaction is complete you will be sent on a new quest to look into The King of Bountiful Harvests. This is the first quest (exploration) to complete now that we have started the main story.

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