How to Start The Crown Tundra DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The second piece of DLC content for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is out now. This new expansion dubbed The Crown Tundra takes players to a new area to catch new Pokemon and complete a whole new story. Before you can access all of this new content you first need to reach the DLC location. To learn how to start The Crown Tundra DLC use our guide below.

Purchase & Download The Crown Tundra DLC

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Before you can gain access to the new area you will need to ensure you have the Expansion Pack purchased and the content installed. Install this content then check to see if your game has the proper update. The update making The Crown Tundra active is 1.3.0. Be sure you have this downloaded as well. If you are unsure if your game is updated highlight the game on your Nintendo Switch home screen and press +. This brings up a menu for the highlighted game. Select the Software Update tab and choose Via the Internet. This will search out and download the newest update for the game.

Use Wedgehurst Station to Travel to The Crown Tundra Location

Once your game is updated head into your saved game to receive the Crown Pass. With the Crown Pass in hand make your way to the Wedgehurst station. Speak to the man to the right of the ticket takers and select Crown Station. Once you do this you will travel to the new location where you will start the expansion content. This new location is home to new Pokemon, NPCs, and a new story to complete. The story will begin immediately upon getting off the train.

Keep it locked to HTR for more content regarding the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield The Crown Tundra DLC. There are plenty of guides to help you as you explore this new area and catch new Pokemon.

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