Shake the Dyna Hill Tree – Pokemon Sword/Shield

In The Crown Tundra DLC there is a location called the Dyna Hill Tree. This large tree is home to a specific expedition around Legendary Bird Pokemon and there is also a fun little side-battle you can trigger. To learn more about this side battle check out what happens when you Shake the Dyna Hill Tree in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield below.

What Happens When You Shake the Dyna Hill Tree

Image showing What Happens When You Shake the Dyna Hill Tree.

The Dyna Hill Tree is a huge tree located in the southern section of The Crown Tundra. If you approach the base of this huge tree you can interact with it. When you interact with the tree you will be prompted to shake the tree. If you shake it once nothing happens. If you continue to shake it an upwards of 6+ times you will trigger a fun little Pokemon Den battle against a Greedent. If you defeat the Greedent you will earn a ton of berries for you efforts. The berries I received were:

  • 30x Oran Berries.
  • 10x Sitrus Berries.
  • 1x Lansat Berry.
  • 20x Tamato Berries.
  • 15x Hondew Berries.
  • 5x Chople Berries.
  • 1x Starf Berry.

This collection of berries appears to be a one-time thing. After I defeated the Greedent I attempted to shake the tree again, but nothing happened. For a quick infusion of berries into your inventory this little secret is a fun way to earn a lot of berries rather quickly.

Did you Shake the Dyna Hill Tree? Let me know in The Pit below.


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  1. Bishop says:

    Im guessing the Dynahill Tree is actually a slow respawn, like the Wailord in Isle of Armor.

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