Things to Do After Beating The Crown Tundra

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The second DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield features a fairly short story that can be completed in a few hours. Once this story is complete you may be wondering if there are any end-game activities to complete. Here’s a few things to do after beating The Crown Tundra.

Hunt Ultra Beasts in Max Lairs

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One of the first end-game activities that makes itself available to you is hunting Ultra Beasts in Max Lairs. The event that kicks this off occurs when you complete the game and Peony leaves the Freeze Inn. As Peony leaves he appears to drop a Legendary Clue that can be picked up. Take this Legendary Clue to the Max Lair cave and speak to Peony about it. When you do this a cutscene will trigger about strange monsters invading. This means you can now encounter Ultra Beasts during Max Lairs. Good luck.

Complete the Stars Tournament

After you’ve completed the Ultra Beasts interaction leave the Max Lair cave. When you do this you will get a phone call from Leon. Leon invites you to visit the Pokemon Arena in Wyndon. Fly there and head to the arena. Inside you will learn the Leon is putting on a new tournament dubbed The Galarian Star Tournament. Complete the doubles tournament with your rival to receive 1,000,000 cash and some Pokeballs. This event is repeatable with different partners if you so desire.

Finish Sonia’s Investigations

If you rushed through the main story you may have missed out on collecting the 150 tracks for Sonia. You can always complete them in the end-game if you so desire. Each of the 50 track sets is tied to finding a specific Legendary Pokemon:

Once you have all three of the Pokemon in your roster you can actually use them to spawn a fourth Legendary Pokemon called Keldeo. Use our Keldeo spawn guide to learn more about that hidden Pokemon.

Search For Secrets in The Crown Tundra

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There are a few secrets for players to discover that you should check out if you didn’t during your main playthrough. Many of these secrets will get you special Pokemon. Secrets we’ve found so far can be viewed in their respective guides:

These are just a few of the off-the-beaten path secrets we’ve found so far. If you have any you think should be added drop them in the comments below and I will.

The activities listed above are some end-game ideas for players that completed the main story in The Crown Tundra. If you have anything in the endgame you think is worth doing let me and other readers know about it in the comments below.

Thoughts on our things to do after beating The Crown Tundra guide? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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