Legendary Clue? Guide – Pokemon Sword/Shield

Upon completion of The Crown Tundra you will be placed into the DLCs endgame. Here there are a couple of quests you can clean up to receive a few more bonuses. One endgame quest in particular is worth completing as it rewards you with Necrozma. To help you complete this quest use our Legendary Clue? guide for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield below.

Complete All of Peony’s Expeditions in The Crown Tundra

Image showing part of the expedition in The Crown Tundra.

The main story of The Crown Tundra DLC tasks you with completing a number of expeditions pertaining to legends. These expeditions take you around the locale and result in catching a number of legendary Pokemon. The expeditions you need to have completed before the Necrozma quest will unlock are:

Once these three expeditions are completed you will have beaten the game. After receiving your rewards from Peony you will see the end screen. After this end screen you will regain control. This kicks off endgame.

Find the Legendary Clue and Deliver it To Peony

Image showing where to find the Legendary Clue?

Inside the Freeze Inn head to the exit. Here you will find a shiny object. Interact with this object to receive a Legendary Clue. Take this clue and head to the Max Lair. In the Max Lair cave speak to Peony. During this cutscene it is announced that a horde of otherworldly creatures will appear in the Max Lair.

Capture a Necromza and Show it to Peony

With Ultra Beasts now in your Max Lairs you will encounter more Pokemon during your adventures. To complete the Legendary Clue? you need to find a Necrozma during a Max Lair adventure. This is easiest done by using the hint system from Peonia. Once she has a Necrozma hint available buy it then run that adventure until you capture it.

Once you capture a Necrozma head to Peony. Show him the Pokemon and you will trigger a cutscene that wraps up this objective. During this cutscene the scientist will give you the Ability Patch and a Beast Ball. You can also speak to Peonia after completing this mission to receive a Futuristic Monocle.

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