How to Get Spiritomb in The Crown Tundra – Pokemon Sword/Shield

There are a number of secrets hidden throughout the second piece of DLC content for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. One secret players can uncover is a tombstone located near the Dyna Hill Tree. This tombstone has a message on it that says “Spread my voice.” This hint is how to get Spiritomb in The Crown Tundra. For helping in doing this use our guide below.

Where to Find the Ancient Tombstone

Image showing where to find the Ancient Tombstone in The Crown Tundra.

Make your way to the tombstone that is located along the east-coast of the Ballimere Lake area. Interact with the tombstone to read the “Spread my voice” message. Once you have done this ensure your game is set to online by using your Y-Comm.

How to Spread My Voice

Once you are online all you need to do is wander around and speak to 40+ other players. This can be done fairly easily in towns or any other sort of high traffic areas. When I mention speaking to players I simply mean approaching them and interacting with them. This triggers a dialogue that results in you receiving a cooking ingredient. Be sure you speak to 40 different players to complete the Spread My Voice tombstone objective.

Where to Catch Spiritomb

Image showing Where to Catch Spiritomb in The Crown Tundra.

After you’ve spoken to the 40+ players return to Ballimere Lake and visit the tomb. If done correctly you will encounter Spiritomb sitting in-front of the old tombstone. Approach it to trigger a fight. Like other Pokemon battles you want to have a number of Pokeballs at your disposal to ensure this Pokemon can be caught. After you’ve caught the Spiritomb you can read the inscription on the tombstone which now reads “My voice has been heard.”

That’s all you need to know on how to get Spiritomb in The Crown Tundra. This side quest is fairly simple to complete and only requires a bit of time on your part. For more help with side missions like this check out our other The Crown Tundra guides and walkthroughs.

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