Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests

Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests are special side quests players can complete in the game. These side quests appear in almost every chapter and task the player with completing specific objectives. To learn more about these requests, see our Merchant Requests guide below.

What are Merchant Requests

Merchant Requests appear in-game as Blue Note Requests. These documents are usually located near the Merchant, but some are in more secluded locations. When a note is picked up and read it reveals details of a side quest that can be completed for the Merchant. Usually that side quest is completed in the chapter you are in, but some are completed over a couple of chapters.

You don’t actually have to pick up the Blue Notes you find. You can still complete the Merchant Request if you know what you need to do. For a first playthrough it is wise to pick them up so you know what to do and where to do it.

Merchant Requests Guides & Details

There are 19 Merchant Requests for players to complete across the game’s 16 Chapters. Many of the requests are the same type, but in a new location. Requests details (including completion status) are under Files > Requests.

Below is all the Merchant Requests, details of the request, and the reward you receive for completing them. Click the links for guides to each individual request.

Destroy the Blue MedallionsDestroy all 5 Blue Medallions (Farm)Spinel x3
Pest ControlExterminate all 3 Rats (Abandoned Factory)Spinel x3
Viper HunterSell three Vipers to the MerchantSpinel x4
Grave RobberDestroy the tombstone emblems at the ChurchSpinel x2
Destroy the Blue Medallions 2Destroy all 5 Blue Medallions (Quarry/Fish Farm)Spinel x4
Egg HuntSell a Golden Chicken Egg to the MerchantSpinel x3
Catch Me a Big FishSell a Lunker Bass to the MerchantSpinel x4
A Savage MuttDefeat the strong threat (Village Chief’s Manor)Spinel x8
Destroy the Blue Medallions 3Destroy all 6 Blue Medallions (Castle Gate)Spinel x5
Destroy the Blue Medallions 4Destroy all 5 Blue Medallions (Grand Hall)Spinel x5
More Pest ControlExterminate all 3 Rats (Grand Hall and Library)Spinel x3
Merciless KnightDefeat the strong threat (Mausoleum)Spinel x8
Insect HiveDestroy all the entrances to the HiveSpinel x4
Jewel ThiefSell a Scratched Emerald to the MerchantSpinel x3
The Disgrace of the Salazar FamilyDeface Ramon’s portraitSpinel x4
Destroy the Blue Medallions 5Destroy all 5 Blue Medallions (Cargo Depot)Spinel x5
Even More Pest ControlExterminate all 4 Rats (Waste Disposal)Spinel x3
The Wandering DeadDefeat the strong threat (Incubation Lab)Spinel x8
Destroy the Blue Medallions 6Destroy all 5 Blue Medallions (Cliffside Ruins)Spinel x5

What are the Merchant Requests Rewards

Completing Merchant Requests earns you a special currency called Spinel. Spinel is used to Trade (not buy) with the Merchant. Items you Trade for are more rare than items you straight up buy. Many of the items available are only available through trading which makes doing Merchant Requests a good way to get enough to trade for everything.

Additionally there is a trophy/achievement awarded for completing all 19 Merchant Requests in the game. This trophy/achievement is called Jack of All Trades.

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