Resident Evil 4 Remake The Wandering Dead Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake The Wandering Dead enemy.

Resident Evil 4 Remake The Wandering Dead is a Merchant Request that players can complete in Chapter 14. This request tasks players with hunting down a strong enemy in the Incubation Lab area. To help you complete this request see our The Wandering Dead guide below.

The Wandering Dead Request Location & Details

Complete Chapter 14 up to the Crane portion. After Ashley destroys the wall with the Crane go through the hole. Turn left in this area and you will find the Blue Request Note on a crate there. Pick it up to learn the following request details:

  • Request: Defeat the strong threat.
  • Area: Incubation Lab.
  • Reward: Spinel x8.

To complete this request you need to hunt down a particularly strong Regenerador. This means you will want to be fully stocked before you go into battle. If you want to make things a cake walk simply buy a Rocket Launcher from the Merchant and use that instead.

The Wandering Dead Enemy

Double back to the Incubation Lab. Before the lab hide Ashley in the locker. Go down to the lab and you will find 3x Regeneradors waiting for you. The one you need to kill is the big one that has all the spikes allover it. If you use the Stingray with scope you can shoot at the parasites inside its body fairly easily.

Once you’ve defeated that Regenerador head back to the Merchant. For defeating the tough enemy he rewards you with Spinel x8. Spinel is a form of currency that the player can use to trade with the Merchant for valuable items.

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