Resident Evil 4 Remake Catch Me a Big Fish Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Catch Me a Big Fish is a Merchant Request that players can complete during Chapter 4. This request tasks players with finding and catching a Lunker Bass. To find this fish players must use an attached photo to track down its spawn location. To help you complete this quest see our Resident Evil 4 Remake Catch Me a Big Fish guide below.

Catch Me a Big Fight Request

You will find the Catch Me A Big Fish request here.

To learn about this Merchant Request players need to find the Blue Request in the Lakeside Settlement area on the northside of the Lake. There is a locked Insignia Door leading into a cave to the north. Inside this cave is the request. Upon reading it you will learn the following request details:

RequestSell a Lunker Bass
AreaSee attached photograph
RewardSpinel x4

When you look at the request there is an attached photograph you need to study. This photograph shows the location of the Lunker Bass on the Lake. I give the exact details on where the Lunker Bass is in the section below.

Keep in mind that this is a two part request. You first need to catch the Lunker Bass and then you need to visit the Merchant and sell it to him. Catching it is not enough. The request does not close until you’ve sold the fish.

Where to Catch the Lunker Bass

The location shown in the photograph attached to this request is the Boat House. This named location can be found on the southside of the Lake. Go back to your boat and ride over to that area.

When you reach the Boat House you will want to head a bit left of it. You should see the Lunker Bass swimming around as it is a very large fish. If it isn’t spawned simply leave the area and return. When the fish is there use your Harpoon to kill it then drive over to it and pick it up.

Take the Lunker Bass and head back to the Merchant. Sell the Lunker Bass (sells for 5k) to him to complete the Catch Me a Big Fish request. For completing this request you receive Spinel x4. Continue onto our Merchant Request 8: A Savage Mutt.

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