Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt request.

Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt is a Merchant Request that players can complete during Chapter 5. This request tasks players with finding an killing a particularly vicious wolf. To help you take down this beast see our Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt guide below.

A Savage Mutt Request

At the start of Chapter 5 there is a stealth sequence during which Leon and Ashley go from the Church back to the Village Square. While you are completing this section you will pass through the Merchant at the Town Hall. As you leave the Merchant’s you will find the Blue Request Note on the wall. Read it to learn the following details:

RequestDefeat the strong threat (Wild Dog)
AreaVillage Chief’s Manor
RewardSpinel x8

This request is a bit strange as the details are somewhat misleading. The important thing to remember is the area in which the quest says it will be found. This area is the exact opposite way you need to go for the story, so be sure you remember to reach this area before making it to the extraction zone.

Where to find the Savage Mutt

The area for this quest says the Village Chief’s Manor. This is a bit misleading. You have to visit the Village Chief’s Manor to trigger the dog to spawn, but it actually appears in the Village Square when it does. So make your way to the Village Chief’s Manor. Head inside and go upstairs to the bedroom. Move the picture and pull the lever to reveal an attic. Explore the attic a bit and then head back to the Village Square. The Wild Dog will be waiting for you there.

Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt wild dog.
The wild dog you must defeat.

The dog will attack you as you enter the center of the square area. This dog is more powerful than other dogs in the game as it has more health and can deal more damage. Once it transforms focus on shooting the tentacles until it is dead. Loot its body to get an Alexandrite gem.

Once the dog has been defeated return to the Merchant and speak to him. He will thank you for completing the request and will give you the Spinel x8 as payment.

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