Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 6 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cliffside Ruins Blue Medallion 1.

In Chapter 15 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake there is a Merchant Request that players can complete which tasks you with destroying Blue Medallions in the Cliffside Ruins area. This Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 6 guide will help you find them all and destroy them.

Blue Medallions 6 Request Location and Details

The Destroy Blue Medallions 6 Merchant Request can be found after the unfortunate demise of the helicopter pilot Mike. Once Mike is gone you must walk along the cliffside to advance forward. Eventually you will reach a door. To the left of the door is Merchant Request 19. Pick it up to learn the following request details:

  • Request: Destroy all the blue medallions.
  • Area: Cliffside Ruins.
  • Reward: Spinel x5.

To complete this request have to search the Cliffside Ruins for 5x Blue Medallions that are hidden throughout. The exact locations of each of these medallions can be found below.

Blue Medallion 1 Location

The Blue Medallion 1/6 is located near where you found the Blue Request Note. Look up to the church tower above. Inside the tower you will find the medallion.

Blue Medallion 2 Location

The Blue Medallion 2/6 is located near where you found the Blue Request Note. Make your way back along the path and look to your right. In the scaffolding there you will find the medallion hanging.

Blue Medallion 3 Location

The Blue Medallion 3/6 inside of the destroyed building at the beginning of the path. Make your way back to that location. Walk over to the ladder and look into the dark archway to find it hanging there.

Blue Medallion 4 Locations

The Blue Medallion 4/6 is located in the lower ruins area. Use the ladder in the old ruins to reach it. Follow the path forward and look up to find it on a broken archway.

Blue Medallion 5 Location

The Blue Medallion 5/5 is located near where we found Medallion 4. In the ruins look out of the windows so you can see the cliffside. On the cliffside the medallion is hanging.

Once you’ve destroyed all 5 Blue Medallions listed above you will have completed this Merchant Request. To receive your 5x Spinel reward you need to speak to the Merchant. Spinel serves as a currency that allows you to trade with the Merchant in exchange for rare and intriguing items.

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