Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 1 Guide

A screenshot of Leon from the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

One of the new additions in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is the inclusion of Merchant Request side quests. These side quests are short little tasks the merchant has players complete to earn special rewards. The first of these Merchant Requests you will receive is to destroy blue medallions. To help you complete this quest see our Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 1 guide below.

Blue Medallions 1 Request Solution

The Destroy Blue Medallions Merchant Request begins the moment you enter the Farm area of Chapter 1. In the Farm area there is a Blue Request players can pick up to learn the details about Merchant Request 1. To complete this request you need to destroy 5 Blue Medallions hidden in the Farm area. The locations of these medallions can be found below.

Blue Medallion 1 Location

The Blue Medallion 1/5 is located on the corner of the house that has the Typewriter save point in it back along the path near the gate we used to enter the Farm. This collectible is part of Merchant Request 1.

Blue Medallion 2 Location

The Blue Medallion 2/5 is located in the barn where you see the cows. You can either shoot it from inside the barn or shoot it through the exterior window.

Blue Medallion 3 Location

The Blue Medallion 3/5 is located in the westside of the Farm next to the small windmill. You will find a small shack you can enter. Inside the shack hanging from the rafters is the medallion.

Blue Medallion 4 Location

The Blue Medallion 4/5 is located on the second floor of the big barn in the middle of the Farm. You can either shoot it through the window on the exterior or from inside the barn.

Blue Medallion 5 Location

The Blue Medallion 5/5 is located in the northeastern area of the farm. In this area stand near the Wayshrine and look up between the fence towards the balcony by the windmill. You should see the medallion hanging underneath the balcony there.

Once you’ve destroyed all 5 Blue Medallions listed above you will have completed the first of the Merchant Requests. To receive your 3x Spinel reward you need to speak to the Merchant. This can be done during Chapter 2. Spinel is a currency that can be used to trade with the Merchant for rare and interesting things.

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