Resident Evil 4 Remake Pest Control Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Pest Control is the Merchant Request that players receive during Chapter 2. This request tasks players with hunting down rats that are bothering the Merchant. To help you complete this request we’ve put together this guide. Use it to track down the three rats needed to complete the quest.

Pest Control Request

This request is located next to the merchant.

After you complete the stealth section and get your gear back you will meet the Merchant for the first time. When you walk outside to his shop you will see the Blue Request to the right. Interact with it to learn what the request is. The request is to take out rats in the Abandoned Factory. To complete request you need to take out 3 Rats total. Luckily for us they are fairly easy to find.

Where to Find the 3 Rats

Now that you know what needs to be done to complete this Merchant Request the next step is fairly simple. Head back into the Abandoned Factory. In this area you need to find some rats. There are two places you should look to bag the 3 Rats needed to complete this request.

Rat #1

The first rat is located in the long hallway where you can jump through the broken wall. The rat is at the very end of the hallway. You can shoot it from a distance to get progress 1/3.

Rat #1&2

The next two rats are further into the factory. Walk forward until you reach the big room where you jump through the window to get inside. In this room running around the floor is both of the rats. You can use a knife or gun here.

Once you have completed the rat killing head back to the merchant and speak to him. He will give you the reward for completing the request which is 3x Spinel. Spinel can be used to trade for certain things that are unobtainable otherwise.

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