Resident Evil 4 Remake Village Chief’s Manor Solution

In Chapter 2 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake players visit the Village Chief’s Manor. This location consist of a puzzle that players must successfully solve. If you are stuck on this puzzle, or just need a bit of guidance, this post is for you. Below I walk you through the complete Resident Evil 4 Remake Village Chief’s Manor solution.

Combination Lock Solution

To solve this area you need to open the door with the round slot. To do this you need to solve a puzzle which solution is located near to the door itself. Head to the second floor and turn right at the typewriter. Here on you will find a table that has a book with words Crop, Swineherd, Pig, and Babe bolded in it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Combination Locked Cupboard solution.
Combination Locked Cupboard solution.

These words are important to help us open the door with the round slot. Before we can do that head back downstairs and go to the Combination Locked cupboard in the southeast corner. Interact with the lock and open it by turning the symbols to Crop (L), Pig (M), and Babe (R) as shown in the screenshot above. This will open the cupboard allowing you to take the Crystal Marble inside.

Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Village Chief's Manor Crystal Marble puzzle solution.
Line up the bubbles so it looks like this.

Once you have the Crystal Marble head back upstairs to the door with the round slot. Insert the Crystal Marble and rotate it so the bubbles inside of the eye matches the Insignia symbol background. When that is done correctly the door will open. Go inside and pickup the Insignia Key to trigger the end of Chapter 2.

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