Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 2 Guide

A screenshot of Leon from the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

In Chapter 3 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake there is a Merchant Request that players can complete which tasks you with destroying Blue Medallions in the Quarry. This Resident Evil 4 Remake Destroy Blue Medallions 2 guide will help you find them all and destroy them.

Blue Medallions 2 Request Solution

The Destroy Blue Medallions Merchant Request begins the moment you enter the Quarry area of Chapter 3. At the entrance of the Quarry area there is a Blue Request players can pick up to learn the details about Merchant Request 4. To complete this request you need to destroy 5 Blue Medallions hidden in the Quarry area. The locations of these medallions can be found below.

Blue Medallion 1 Location

The Blue Medallion 1/5 is located above the path leading to the Merchant. Look for a large wooden platform. Attached to the railing of the platform is the first Blue Medallion.

Blue Medallion 2 Location

The Blue Medallion 2/5 is located the dock area after you visit the Merchant. Drop down to the lower dock below and walk right. Look down and you should see the medallion on the underside of the lower dock.

Blue Medallion 3 Location

The Blue Medallion 3/5 is located the first shack of the Fish Farm named area. Go into the shack and you will find it hanging from the roof.

Blue Medallion 4 Location

The Blue Medallion 4/5 is located on the southside of the Fish Farm. Look for a raised platform near a ramp. There is an opening in the platforms supports that has the medallion inside of it.

Blue Medallion 5 Location

The Blue Medallion 5/5 is located near the end of the Fish Farm area. There is a spot that has a treasure chest in it that contains the Hexagon Piece B. Opposite the chest underneath the wooden walkway is the medallion.

Once you’ve destroyed all 5 Blue Medallions listed above you will have completed the the Merchant Requests. To receive your 3x Spinel reward you need to speak to the Merchant. This can be done during Chapter 3. Spinel is a currency that can be used to trade with the Merchant for rare and interesting things.

For more help with the Resident Evil 4 Remake be sure to check out our other guides. If you missed the first set of Blue Medallions in the Farm see our guide for help. Or continue onto Merchant Request 6 Egg Hunt.

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