Resident Evil 4 Remake Egg Hunt Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Egg Hunt Request.

Resident Evil Remake 4 Egg Hunt is a Merchant Request players can do during Chapter 4 and beyond. This request tasks players with finding and then selling a Gold Chicken Egg to the Merchant. In order to successfully complete this request you need to know where to look for the Gold Chicken Egg. To help you complete this request here’s our Resident Evil 4 Remake Egg Hunt guide.

Egg Hunt Request

After you pass through the Mural Cave in Chapter 4 you will reach a dock with a boat you can use. Near the dock on a wall is the Egg Hunt Blue Request. Pick it up to learn the following quest details:

RequestSell a Gold Chicken Egg
AreaNone Specified
RewardSpinel x3

To complete this request players need to find a Gold Chicken Egg and then sell it to the Merchant. Thankfully there is a fairly close location that we can visit that has an egg in it.

Where to Get a Gold Chicken Egg

To find a Gold Chicken Egg in Chapter 4 make your way to the boat and head to the Lake. To the east of the shipwreck (which hold the Red9 Pistol) there is a small alcove you can dock at. At this alcove you will find a bunch of chickens that have broken out of their cages. Head to the eastside of this area to find the Gold Chicken Egg on the ground.

Once you have a Gold Chicken Egg in your inventory make your way to the merchant and speak to him. He will give you the reward for completing the request which is Spinel x3. Spinel can be used to trade for certain things that are unobtainable otherwise.

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