Resident Evil 4 Remake Even More Pest Control Guide

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Even More Pest Control is a Merchant Request that players can complete during Chapter 14. This request tasks you with hunting down and exterminating 4 Rats that are located in the Waste Disposal area. To help you complete this request see our Even More Pest Control guide.

Even More Pest Control Location & Details

This Merchant Request can be found after you complete the Waste Disposal sequence (though you can kill the rats during it). After that sequence you will arrive in Merchant shop. In the shop you will find the Blue Request Note. It says the following:

  • Request: Exterminate all the rats.
  • Area: Waste Disposal.
  • Reward: Spinel x3.

To complete this request you need to hunt down and kill 4 rats in the Waste Disposal area. The locations of the 4 rats in the area are listed below. Be sure to kill them to progress the quest.

Rat 1

You will find this rat the moment you enter Waste Disposal after opening the dual lever door with Ashley. The rat is running around the hallway at the start of the area.

Rat 2

Midway through Waste Disposal you will reach with a bridge that leads to an area that is a Control Room. Running around in the before the Control Room is the second rat.

Rats 3&4

The last two rats are located near the Power Control Lever. Both are around that area so check both walkways. You should see them running around when you get near it.

Once you have completed the rat killing head back to the merchant and speak to him. He will give you the reward for completing the request which is 3x Spinel. Spinel can be used to trade for certain things that are unobtainable otherwise.

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